Dr David K Pillai

A Galore of Good News for the Indian Students of DMSF: Dr David K Pillai makes important announcements to mark an auspicious beginning to the year.

2020 has been tough. For all of us in one way or another. But now that we’ve left behind 2020, 2021 brings not just fresh hopes but also a responsibility to do better, spread greater awareness and develop stronger convictions to look out for each other. Keeping in tune with the auspicious vibes of Pongal & Sankranti, Dr David K Pillai is here to reassure the Indian students of Davao Medical School Foundation with some fascinating and important announcements. Also, Dr Pillai takes this opportunity to dispel any misconceptions or misinformation that may lay among the students and reminding everyone to trust in this association that has over the years produced countless Indian doctors and placed them all over the world.

With 3 exclusive announcements from the President of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd. Dr David K Pillai, we have triple delights for the Indian students studying at DMSF. Here are the 3 Good News we have all been waiting for:

1. Update on offline classes for academic session 2020-2021:

The registration for the new admissions of the Indian students opting for MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation will be on 23rd, 24th and 25th January 2021. The orientation is scheduled on the 26th of January. And from there onwards face-to-face classes will commence as per the timetable. However, the final confirmation on the same will be provided on 19th January as we are still waiting for a few clearances and clarifications from the government.

Also, we have scheduled a general meeting with our fellow partners and consultants to plan better and be on the same page regarding resuming the classes. This meeting is arranged mainly to discuss and streamline the covid-19 protocols and to ensure optimum safety of the students and the staff. From scheduling regular health check-ups to temperature check-ups, sanitizing the touch-points to daily disinfectant drives of the dorms & the classes and from seating arrangement for the students to managing stringent protocols in the common areas, we are continuously striving to uphold the covid guidelines at all times.

DMSF wants to make sure that the students get the perfect environment to hone their skills and the faculty gets the platform to share the knowledge in the perfect conditions. To ensure hassle-free registration process, the students should come with all the prescribed documents.

2. Notice for all Indian Graduates who completed their FMGE

Dr David K Pillai addresses the second part of the video to the students who have cleared the FMGE screening test and are awaiting for internships and further details. Dr Pillai assures the students that the registration process will start soon. Students looking for internships are advised not to rush and keep calm as DMSF will layout the details for the procurement of certificates. The details of the same will be again hosted on zoom meeting on 19th January where all the students and their parents can join and interact with Dr Pillai. In the meeting, Dr Pillai will further divulge the proceedings for the Indian students of DMSF and the plan of action. Meanwhile, we implore you to stay away from fake news and rumours, verify your sources and only rely on official notice.

3. Latest update on Permanent Registration for students who have completed their internships in India

In the third part of the video, Dr David K Pillai talks about the issuance of the permanent registration for the Indian students who have completed their internships. Dr Pillai assures that the issuance will start as soon as 20th January and by the end of this month, all students are likely to receive their registration. The delay is mainly due to pandemic as the Indian embassy and the Philippines embassy including many other offices were on restricted timelines and were not working for a long period. Although we apologise for this delay, the plight posed by the pandemic was insurmountable at times. However, the issuance of permanent registration will begin shortly and your patience is highly appreciated by both Transworld Educare & DMSF.