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FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination)

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. It is a mandatory certification examination that every Indian student should write whoever is pursuing their MBBS abroad. Keeping this in mind, Davao Medical School Foundation along with Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd. and Kings International Medical Academy created a separate training curriculum for such licensure examinations for a better future career and prospects for the students pursuing MBBS in the Philippines.

DMSF in association with Transworld Educare and Kings International Medical Academy lays extra emphasis on upskilling students for various licensure examinations which are mandatory for the students to clear before they can practice. One of the reasons that make DMSF a top college for MBBS in the Philippines is that the college registers a very high pass percentage of students in FMGE. Be it a theoretical or clinical-based set of questions, we at DMSF with Transworld Educare and Kings International Medical Academy will make sure to provide adequate training for the students to clear this examination in the first attempt. With an average of over 85% clearance rate at FMGE, DMSF is the ideal choice for the students to build a comprehensive career.

What makes DMSF a top college for MBBS abroad and one the best colleges for MBBS in Philippines is its highest pass percentage of students at FMGE.

Since 2007, DMSF has consistently outranked and outperformed every other top college for MBBS in India & Philippines with over 80% of students clearing the licensure examination at the very first attempt.

In 2019 alone, more than 200 students from DMSF secured an All India Rank in FMGE within the Top 100. From 2007 till now, DMSF recorded an average pass percentage of 85% at FMGE. Whereas, in the years 2016 & 2017, 96.91% of DMSF students who appeared for FMGE cleared the examination compared to the overall pass percentage of 35%.

With an experienced faculty, the curriculum that is followed at DMSF involves building strong conceptual foundations, inspiring to think critically and reasonably, exposing students to hands-on training, creating interactive sessions, using latest technologies to aid the process of learning and reputed clinical affiliations to practice. All these, in turn, help them to perform better be it at a theoretical level or a practical level.


Students must appear for NMAT exams before enrolling for the MBBS (MD) Program. An aptitude test for a preliminary assessment, students are provided with necessary training by professionals in order for them to clear this test without any hassle. A set of 108 questions, NMAT is designed to assess problem-solving skills, language skills, quick decision making, logical reasoning and other fundamental skills.

Although, students require NEET qualifications but TOEFL and other examinations are not required thereby creating a hassle-free and minimum requirement for admissions. As far as NMAT is concerned, our trained professionals will upskill you with enough practice for you to fulfil your dream of studying MBBS in abroad.

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