Exclusive Features of Davao Medical School Foundation

DMSF implements Quality Education through Cutting Edge Technologies

Apart from being the first medical college to install various new technological aid to teach students, DMSF also has a host of other latest installations to help both the students and the faculty to achieve groundbreaking results.

Simulation Mannequins Stations:

DMSF is the first college in the Philippines and only second in Asia to use the Simulation Mannequins for clinical teaching and learning. Aimed to train medical professionals and students to reduce error during surgery, prescription, crisis intervention and to understand anatomy, physiology and communication.

According to the Institute of Medicine, around 44,000 to 98,000 mortalities are recorded every year from medical mistakes during treatment. Such simulation techniques have proved efficient in bringing that number down and hence empowering students with such technology is integral to a better healthcare system.

This high fidelity simulation technology for health professional education has been strongly recommended by WHO and DMSF is proud to be its frontrunner and the flag bearer.

Virtual Reality Anatomy:

With Virtual Reality becoming a regular feature in our day to day lives, we must integrate this into our learning process. Studying anatomy through virtual reality is an immersive and self-discovering process that adheres to experiential learning. The visual representations make a profound impact on our long term memory and hence make lifelong impressions.

With VR, you can explore every nerve, every tissue, every bone and every muscle with pinpoint precision. Examine internal structures from all angles, read and listen to anatomical terminologies, study definition and unfold a lifelike high-resolution 3D model of your specimen.

3D Anatomage and Cadavers:

DMSF is the first college in the Philippines to install 3D Anatomage Table System. Adopted by various western leading medical schools and colleges, a Virtual Dissection Table is yet another embodiment of DMSF's technological advances and its vision of wholesome and holistic education.

The Anatomage Table allows students to visualize anatomy exactly as they would on a fresh cadaver. Dissectable in 3D, the individual structures are reconstructed with microscopic precision resulting in an unmatched level of accuracy to real anatomy.

The education based on The Anatomage Table has proven to be very effective. The growing consensus among the medical community is that usage of such illustrative and visual aids have helped improve the test scores, efficient lab sessions, attention to details, better interactions and thereby better lifelong skills.

DMSF also has a total of 50 cadavers for students to practice on which adds to all the knowledge gained by theories and simulations.

Plastinated Models:

Plastination is a technique used in anatomy to preserve bodies or parts of a body by replacing the fat and the water in the body with certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not decay or smell and even retain most of the original properties.

Being yet another cutting edge feature of all the leading medical schools and colleges, DMSF is on par with everyone when it comes to this trending model for cross-section analysis of human anatomy. Plastinated models have found its optimum usefulness in studying the evolution of musculoskeletal injuries and are highly approved by the students for practical sessions.

Team Learning and Modern Knowledge Centers:

Build important life skills like Team Bonding and Innovation with fun and engaging activities at our dedicated Team Learning and Modern Knowledge Centers.

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