Answering the most frequently asked questions on FMGE

Answering the most frequently asked questions on FMGE (IMD Batch 15)


Medical Council of India Screening Test or Foreign Medical Graduates Examination is the bi-annual licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations under the regulations prescribed by the National Medical Commission.

Held on 24th May '21, the Chairman of the Kings International Medical Academy, Mr Kadwin Pillai took the opportunity to address the FMGE candidates about various questions posed by the student in an online webinar. The agenda of the meeting pertained strictly to all the doubts, concerns & queries the students have regarding FMGE 2021 and Kings FMGE coaching programme.

Over the last couple of weeks, our administration at KIMA in association with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd has been in continuous communication with the students and their parents. The students were asked to send all their queries to and as promised, this 24th May '21, Mr Kadwin Pillai has presided over the meeting to deliver the answers to the same. To further reach out to the students, class leaders are appointed to collate all the queries of the students to answer each and every query of our students.

Question Number 1: When will the KingsFMGE classes start? What’s the schedule and mode of classes?

Answer: Mr Kadwin Pillai has confirmed that the first batch for the FMGE 2021 will start from 5th June’21. The timetable till August has been sent to all the class leaders. As for the mode of classes, they will be kept Online for the time being. As for the offline classes, although they remain the top priority as the restrictions have not been relaxed, so online will be the preferred mode of class. Also, the list of faculty has been decided and fixed for the online mode of classes. However, for the offline mode of classes, the faculty list is yet to be confirmed. The students will be updated about the same in the subsequent meetings.

Question Number 2: Is the booking amount for KingsFMGE coaching classes inclusive of the further instalment payments?

Answer: 5000 INR is the booking amount. Once paid, your seat for the FMGE classes will be booked. Along with this, the students will receive their login credentials for them to join the classes. And also a set of books, study materials and question banks on FMGE will all be sent to the student immediately through courier service. Moreover, this 5000 INR will be deducted from the total of 55’000 INR where the remaining balance for the students to pay will be around 50’000 INR.

Question Number 3: How will the various topics be covered? How will the different subjects be scheduled, prioritised and managed?

Answer: KingsFMGE has years of experience in conducting the FMGE classes every year. This shows in the meticulous planning that goes behind the scene to conduct these classes. The administration and the faculty and our previous FMGE champions make a very comprehensive blueprint for the students to practice and follow. This has ensured that KingsFMGE maintains the highest passing percentage in India which is close to 85%. And all this is down to visionary planning and revolutionary implementations.

This includes scheduling the classes as per the subject and then giving subject wise weightage to each. Where most of the major topics will be kept at the end of the course, various fundamental topics will be covered in the initial phase. As of now, the timetable has been scheduled till August. Students will be notified of the updated schedule once the classes commence.

At the end of the coaching programme, revision classes will be scheduled to keep the students prepared and ready for the final examination.

Question Number 4: How many faculty members will be involved in the FMGE coaching curriculum?

Answer: To avoid overburdening on the faculty member and reduce the repetition of the same faculty member, 18 FMGE experts & professors have been included in the FMGE coaching programme. Most of these FMGE experts are associated with preparing the FMGE question banks and are authors of renowned FMGE guide books. This gives our faculty an edge over the others as they are more ingrained with the FMGE pattern and FMGE syllabus. Out of 18, 2 of the FMGE experts will come in, especially to deal with the revision of the batch.

Question Number 5: Will there be any mock tests or practise tests during the coaching?

Answer: Yes, one of the key features of KingsFMGE is its regular mock tests and practice tests. There will be an exam conducted after every subject. The questionnaire will come from the doctors who are creating the fMGE question banks. These questions will be more clinical-based as per the requirement. The exam will follow the pattern of the actual exam. After each subject is conducted 2-3 exams will be conducted. for continuous revision because it’s not easy to crack FMGE. The portion is vast, so we require brushing up all the subjects regularly so we don’t forget the initial subjects taught at the beginning. Some subjects will be taught at the end, especially the major subjects. For continuous practice, we are creating this format of conducting regular tests and exams.

Question Number 6: Who can avail of this FMGE coaching?

Answer: All the students who are foreign medical graduates and have completed their medical degree and are looking to acquire the license to practice in India can join the course. Although only the students of DMSF will feature on our list of toppers, students who studied MBBS in any country and from any college can take part in these FMGE coaching classes.

Question Number 7: Can a student stay on campus and pursue the online FMGE coaching course?

Answer: As of now, since Govt has not relaxed any restrictions on the lockdown, the campus opening is very much subject to the situation. However, we understand that the environment one can get on the campus for preparing for this crucial exam is second to none. Hence, we are trying our utmost and striving the hardest to ensure the campus opens at the earliest. Once the campus is open, students are more than welcome to come, stay & study in their comfort place.

All in all, a student can stay on campus and continue to pursue online classes.

Question Number 8: If the pandemic persists, will the online mode of classes continue?

Answer: Many students in the light of recent events have asked the authority that can the classes be conducted only in an online format! Online classes were never our priority. Because Offline classrooms are better monitored and will provide first-hand care for the students, But at a time like this, online classes seem the only possibility.

Question Number 9: Will the FMGE June 2021 & FMGE December 2021 will be cancelled?

Answer: So far, no update has been received from the govt regarding the postponement of FMGE. Without waiting for the news to arrive, let us stay prepared and ahead of the exam. Any further change will be notified.

Question Number 10: When will the classes end? Can I get extra classes for some important topics?

Answer: The FMGE classes are due to end in November. There will be extra classes at the end of the programme. One can join as per one’s requirement.

Question Back 11: What is the fee structure for the KingsFMGE coaching classes?

Answer: Booking Amount: 5000 (Will be deducted from the first instalment. Includes books and question banks. The goto FMGE books written by Dr of FMGE) Advance 50% After First Month: 50%

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