Celebrating the Culture and Festivals of India At DMSF

Celebrating the Culture and Festivals of India: The Diverse & Vibrant Student’s Life at DMSF

Davao Medical School Foundation has been home to over 5000 Indian students over the last few years. Being one of the most preferred colleges by the Indian students to study MBBS, DMSF has over the years developed dedicated services and experiences, especially for the Indian students.

The administration of Davao Medical School Foundation understands the needs and the requirements of a student coming abroad to study MBBS. From being homesick to missing the home food, there are countless challenges for the students to face if they are not careful about their destination. But we DMSF in the Philippines is a match made in heaven for Indian students who want to pursue MBBS in DMSF.

From dedicated Indian staff to dedicated Indian hostel and mess, every student who has come from India feels right at home here in the Philippines. Our culinary team specialises in Indian recipes and makes sure that no student misses their home. Bringing back those homely flavours into your day to day lives, we believe in creating an environment for the Indian students that enables them to flourish at every opportunity.

Below is the list of Indian activities and services that we at Davao Medical School Foundation undertake for the wellbeing of our Indian students, thus making our college one the most preferred and opted college for MBBS among the Indian students.

Dedicated Indian Hostel:

Accommodation and settling in a new, foreign country can take a lot of getting used to. The time which otherwise could be spent much valuably in preparing for subjects. Being a lengthy and detailed course structure, we at DMSF believe that reducing distractions and other stresses will help the students to perform better. And that is why we have dedicated Indian accommodation facilities with Indian staff for the students travelling from India can settle easily and quickly. With separate accommodation arrangements for boys and girls, each dorm is supervised by a warden and provides top-notch security and safety.

Rooms with varying occupancy are available whereas single occupancy rooms are arranged only on demands and requests. The hostel life fosters community building, teamwork and healthy competition among the fellow students and helps maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Student’s Life at DMSF

Dedicated Indian Food:

Apart from furnishing Indian styled accommodations, DMSF also features dedicated Indian mess facilities and canteens. Trained in all Indian recipes, our team of culinary experts and chefs curate the perfect Indian menu full of homely recipes and cuisines. With provisions available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, the hostel mess provides three staple meals of the day namely: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Keeping the portions healthy, tasty and nutritious, our chefs recreate every Indian recipe with flawless perfection and impeccable quality. Be it a light-hearted bite or a heavy meal, the menus are curated keeping in mind the complete well-being of the student. This might seem somewhat insignificant but food habits are often a real concern for parents. Something DMSF can reassure them with complete guarantee.

Because of the smooth transition to the dietary practices, Indian students have adjusted well to the life of DMSF.

dedicated Indian mess facilities at DMSF

Celebrating The Indian Cultural Night:

Every year, to welcome the Indian students and make them feel part of our curriculum, we organise Indian Cultural Nights, a gala event for everyone to socialize and showcase their skills. A night that celebrates the vibrant and diverse culture of India through dance, music and art. A night full of colourful celebrations, we go the extra mile to ease the Indian students to the life of MBBS in DMSF.

Indian Cultural Nights at DMSF

Celebrating Indian festivals:

From celebrating the Indian festivals to commemorating the Indian National Holidays, the culture of DMSF and the citizens of the Philippines are very inclusive and heart-warming. From the Government of the Philippines to the officials of DMSF, diversity and cultural acceptance are always appreciated. It is due to this notion that the Philippines over the last two decades have emerged as a destination for the Indian students to study in DMSF. From celebrating Pongal to Diwali and from Republic Day to Independence Day, an Indian student studying MBBS in DMSF will always feel close to their homeland and this tends to be less homesick in times of family celebrations. We at DMSF believe in creating our own family of students, staff and faculties and we do our best to make an Indian student feel right at home.

Indian festivals at DMSF