Challenges faced while studying MBBS in Philippines

Your future career depends upon the choice you make in the field of education. MBBS is one such prestigious career option, but the choice of medical school will affect your career. The student who has decided to study MBBS Abroad shall have to face several challenges throughout their journey. Let us study in detail. MBBS Abroad is always overlooked as a pathway to success, but the journey towards the final destination shall be filled with challenges. Be it money, language, the process of admission, students will have to face several challenges to achieve their dream of becoming medical professionals.

MBBS in Philippines is one of the top choices made by Indian students, but there are several challenges faced while studying MBBS in Philippines by the students. The duration of the course is about 5.5-6 years. Students must be aware and ensure to face the challenges while studying MBBS Abroad.

The thing to keep in mind before you study MBBS Abroad

  • Cost
  • MCI Recognition
  • Quality of Medical Education
  • Safety
  • Duration of the course
  • Accommodation
  • Climate
  • Language
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • The first and foremost criteria that are to be considered is about where to study MBBS abroad based on the cost of the education. In countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, the cost of medical education is higher when compared to the Philippines. If you want to study MBBS abroad at a low cost, then the Philippines is one of the best options that offer low-cost medical education at high-quality. MBBS in the Philippines is the most preferred destination for Indian students.
  • One of the important factors to study MBBS Abroad is to choose the university that is recognized by MCI. Only then the students could appear for the MCI screening test to practice medicine in India
  • Quality of medical education is one of the major doubts for the aspirants. The quality of medical education is much better and cheaper when compared to some of the private medical colleges in India at a very affordable cost.
  • While quality becomes a major concern for the students, the other side has availability of Indian and accommodation facilities. While most of the universities offer accommodation within the college campus, the other few tie-up with the pg’s and flats surrounded within the college.
  • The duration of the course has its effect on the total budget. The usual duration of the course is between 5-6 years. Extra years will add an extra burden on the cost, the top medical universities in Philippines cost you within 25 lakhs with a high-quality education. Studying in Philippines provides too many advantages to the students.
  • The safety of the students is a high priority of parents. Most of the countries like the Philippines, China, and Russia are very safe for Indian students. If they face any issue, it can be brought to the offices and the authorities responsible for the safety of International Students.
  • While in a country like the Philippines, language is never a barrier for Indian students. Unlike other countries like Russia, China, and Ukraine students will have to learn the local language to interact with the patients. Some students find it very difficult or rather prefer to study MBBS in Philippines.

With the demand for MBBS Study Abroad, there is a rising number of students who choose to study MBBS abroad. For students looking for Medical education at an affordable cost, MBBS in Philippines is an ideal option. But every coin has two sides, though MBBS in Philippines comes as a wonderful opportunity, there are certain challenges faced while studying MBBS in Philippines by the students. The challenges are listed below:

The below-listed challenges are the collective information from the students studying MBBS in Philippines:

  • Food and accommodation
  • While some major number of students who study MBBS in Philippines stay in PG outside the campus of the college. In a few cases the budgeting may effectively work out through room sharing, the cost shall be comparatively less when compared to hostel accommodation. Such students will have to pay separately for food, also considering the factor hygiene students face a lot of difficulties as their health is at risk.

  • Climate
  • The Climate in the Philippines is very much similar to India. Philippines is covered by water from all sides, thereby the country has long rainfall seasons, also there are high chances of cyclones that may hit this region. This could affect the lifestyle in the Philippines.

  • Fusion of Culture
  • Once upon a time, the Philippines was invaded by Spain and the United States, so the culture in the Philippines is purely based on the above-mentioned countries. Also, this is the reason for their official language English. But the culture exposes the students to the nightlife, the country has late-night pubs which affects the student's studies and as well as their health.

  • MCI Screening Test
  • Indian students who are graduated from medical universities situated abroad will have to take the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Students are allowed to practice medicine in India only when they pass the screening test. Students are advised to choose the medical university that could coach them for FMGE. Also, look for the universities that have a high passing percentage of students in FMGE.

  • Excluding the clinical rotation
  • The first three years of the MBBS Study are based on classroom knowledge, students are exposed to the real world of dealing with patients in the final year. Apart from the state of Manila, the other states are yet to develop to provide clinical exposure to the students. Students might lose the opportunity to learn from their own experiences.

  • The pre-medical course
  • Students applying to study MBBS in Philippines, must be well aware of the pre-medical course. It is very much mandatory for every student to take up the pre-medical course, this is because the education system in Philippines follows the American standard of the education system which is quite different from the Indian pattern of medical education. Students will have to go through the pre-medical course to continue with the MD course in the Philippines. The pre-medical course consists of subjects like biology, psychology, pharmacy, medical technology, nursing, microbiology, biochemistry, and physical therapy.

  • Eligibility Certificate from MCI
  • Before applying for admission to any of the medical colleges abroad, students must apply for MCI Eligibility Certificate from the government. Along with this, students are recommended to choose the college that is listed among the MCI. Thereby getting this eligibility certificate makes the process easier for the students. Look for the best consultant before you apply for studying MBBS abroad. The documents for the admission include MCI Eligibility certificate, Visa processing, admission care, and flight tickets, all these shall be arranged by the consultant.

Challenges faced while studying MBBS in Philippines

Although there are certain challenges faced while studying MBBS in Philippines, it is considered the best for its affordability and high-quality education. Students can overcome these challenges while doing MBBS in Philippines with their careful choice of medical institutes in the Philippines. Make thorough research regarding the medical university. The Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines shall overcome all these challenges.

One more factor that could help you overcome these challenges is by choosing the best consultant that could help you reach the preferred destination. With the help of a consultant, the process of admission shall get much easier. As the consultants take over the process of MCI Certification, Visa Processing, Admission card, and flight tickets, students can peacefully focus on the entrance exam that is to be cleared to get eligible to study MBBS in Philippines.

There is no doubt that MBBS in Philippines is an excellent choice for Indian students; one shall easily overcome these limitations with sheer determination and focusing primarily on achieving your goals.