DMSF creates new record at FMGE: 6 students secured top 10 All-India Ranking at FMGE June 2021

DMSF creates new record at FMGE: 6 students secured top 10 All-India Ranking at FMGE June 2021

DMSF’s age-old history of success at FMGE:

Every year, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination popularly known as FMGE for all foreign medical graduates studying medicine abroad to help them acquire the license to practice medicine in India.

For the last 12 years, DMSF has been the most successful medical college abroad to register the highest overall passing percentage which is 85% which is very high when compared to the overall passing percentage of other colleges which stands around 9%.

In the last three years alone i.e. from 2018-2020, 18 students have secured All-India Top 10 rankings at FMGE. Over one-third of the students have managed to score above 200 and 90% of the students have cleared the exam in the first attempt. Even before the announcement of FMGE 2021 result, DMSF was leagues apart at FMGE when compared to other foreign medical colleges.

This year at FMGE June 2021, DMSF has registered yet again a whooping 85% passing percentage. 6 out of Top 10 All-India rankings have all been secured by the students of DMSF. Whereas, 60 students have managed to score above 200 which only goes to prove that the students of DMSF have not just cleared the exam but aced it with flying colours.

This has created a new record for DMSF itself whereby we have the most successful batch of students for FMGE till date. Indeed, a proud moment for all of us that surely called for celebration. And so we did. With pomp, fervour, happiness and lots of love along with our Dean, Strategic Partners, the FMGE achievers and their family.

Virtual Felicitation Ceremony of FMGE Achievers:

Held on 3rd July 2021 over Zoom and live streamed on Youtube and Facebook, DMSF hosted an online felicitation ceremony for all of our FMGE achievers, celebrating these gems for their hard work and the well-deserved accolades they brought to our consortium.

The entire ceremony was presided over by the gracious presence of Dr Erwin Rommel N. Hontiveros (Dean, College of Medicine) & Dr David K Pillai (Chairman, Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd, Principal associate of DMSF). We were also joined by our various strategic partners, the FMGE Toppers and their family.

At the very onset, Dr Hontiveros addressed the FMGE achievers and congratulated them for their success. Dr Hontiveros also made sure to acknowledge all the staff & the faculties who work tirelessly day and night to make this possible. As a Dean, the greatest pride you can take is in the success of your children and this year’s FMGE result has been a major source of inspiration and happiness for all.

Dean reveals DMSF’s secret to success at FMGE:

Dr Hontiveros also pointed out three salient features of DMSF that makes the college so competent for FMGE:

  • Curriculum that involves more entrance based preparation. By incorporating FMGE specialised training and sessions during the MD course, students are necessarily relieved from taking any further coaching programmes for FMGE. And, if someone still feels the need to apply for dedicated FMGE coaching, KingsFMGE at Chennai has been a go-to choice for the students to train for FMGE.
  • The faculty and their incessant desire to make sure the students understand every little detail and concept of whatever they study. Intense scrutiny and analysis of students' performance through tests are regularly carried out in DMSF. This provides a better insight to a student’s performance and hence helps in gauging the further course of action for the students. Such analysis tells us which students need more stress on which subjects and hence a more specific approach can be implemented going forward.
  • And lastly, it is the tech and the tech team for making the whole process of education streamlined for success. During the pandemic, as the classes were conducted online, it became ever more important to keep the technical part of the programs unhindered and smooth. And the credit goes to the tech team for putting up a fantastic job.

Dr David Pillai’s surprise for the FMGE toppers

Our guest of honour, Dr David K Pillai was overcome with joy and unprecedented happiness for the fantastic result of DMSF at FMGE. As Dr Pillai explained during the Felicitation Ceremony, the most remarkable feature of this year’s FMGE result of the DMSF is that amidst such unpredictability and difficulties posed by the pandemic, our students have beaten all odds to come out at the top. It is this determination, this grit and this undying will to succeed that touched and moved Dr Pillai the most.

Given this, Dr David Pillai announced special rewards for the 6 toppers who have secured All-India Top 10 rankings as a small token of appreciation. They are as follows:

Toppers Name All-India Rank Reward
Olivia Lily Bhasker 3 1’00’000 INR
Sekar Sethupathi 4 50’000 INR
Nishit Naresh Parwani 7 50’000 INR
Karanjit Ratta 7 50’000 INR
Janani Gunasekaran 8 50’000 INR
Kumar Eswari 10 50’000 INR

Meet the Toppers

An evening full of happiness, joy and laughter, we thank our students for bringing heaps of success and accolades to this college and we wish them all the best for all their future endeavors. And we promise our students to be there for them whenever they need us. On a concluding note, it is important that we all should remember, “Reaching the top, becoming number one is not the real challenge. The challenge is to stay at the top once you get there.” And we can proudly say that for the last 13 years, we have been at the top.

Students in All India Top Ranking 6 out of 10
Students who scored above 200 60
Overall Passing Percantage 85%

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