Davao Medical School Foundation has been accredited by WHO and other international organisations

Did you know Davao Medical School Foundation has been accredited by WHO and other international organisations?

As a student aspiring to pursue a career in MBBS, how can you gauge the performance of a medical college and its quality of medical education?

Although there are numerous unconventional methods like Word of Mouth and Recommendations, the best indicator to gauge a College’s quality is through Performance of the Students and Accreditations. And although performance is very intrinsic to the institution, Accreditation is a very extrinsic property and can be a very good indicator of quality education. Accreditations are like hallmarks that stamp the authenticity of their quality. And Davao Medical School Foundation is laden with numerous accreditations signifying and resonating its world-class medical curriculum. It has earned a name for itself on the global platform.

The accreditations of Davao Medical School Foundation are signifiers of the conviction of the consortium that established this monumental medical college. Based in the Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation, thanks to its international accreditations has now become a top medical college in the world. Below we have listed the major and renowned accreditations that make Davao Medical School Foundation one of the most recognised medical colleges in the world.

1. Recognised By WHO: World Health Organisation is the parent international medical umbrella under which every medical institution flourish and adhere to world-class practices. WHO recognition is the most sought after accreditation when it comes to medical science. Davao Medical School Foundation has been recognised by WHO for several years now and adds a feather to the long-list of achievements. Recognised for its supreme quality of medical education, WHO’s tag reinforces the belief and reinstates the newfound respect for Davao Medical Schol Foundation.

2. Approved by MCI: Medical Council of India is yet another top medical organisation of the world that has given its approval for the MBBS course in Davao Medical School Foundation. This accreditation has helped Davao Medical School Foundation attract a lot of Indian students. MCI approval means that the MBBS course run by Davao Medical School Foundation is accepted and recognised by India. It adds an added aura of positivity and confidence among the students who are looking for top medical colleges abroad to pursue their medical education. The validation of the curriculum is confirmed by the WHO and a foreign medical student passing out from Davao Medical School Foundation can validate the authenticity of the college by MCI accreditation. This also allows the Indian students to come back to India after completion of the course and go for clinical training or higher studies.

3. Accredited by PAASCU: Davao Medical School Foundation is based in the Philippines and hence the Foundation must earn accreditation from an independent governing body like the Philippines Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges & Universities, PAASCU. It is through the supervision of PAASCU and its regular guidance that Davao Medical School Foundation has been able to continuously improve its course structure and methodologies of teaching, thereby making a change to help DMSF improve its quality of education.

4. FAIMER: Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research is the prime organisation responsible for gauging the quality of education. Creating sustained health outcomes be it in terms of research, education or implementation, FAIMER is responsible for monitoring the quality of medical educations.

How Davao Medical School Foundation has accredited with so many prestigious honours and accreditations?

There are several reasons why Davao Medical School Foundation has been the recipient of many world-famous and the most recognised accreditations. They are:

  • Quality of Education
  • World Class Faculties
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Low-Cost High-Quality Education
  • Tech-based Curriculum
  • Annual Performance of the students in terms of academic performances
  • Pristine Campus
  • Highly awarded
  • Honing Students with Social Responsibilities
  • A worldwide network of affluent personalities.
  • A long list of awards and accomplishments
  • Unparalleled MBBS Curriculum.

With these hallmark of quality, Davao Medical School has set a standard, a benchmark which all the medical colleges are now following.