DMSF modernizes medical education with 3D Anatomage Table: A New Age Tool for Anatomy

With the fast-moving world, medical education is changing very rapidly. It is influenced by many factors which include the change in health patterns of human beings, altered lifestyle, change in medical science, etc. All these changes focus on the safety of patients in the first place. The role of technology in medical education plays an important role, it must facilitate the basic knowledge of inducing technology in the education itself, DMSF modernizes medical education with 3D Anatomage Table.

There are different technologies likewise, to address many challenges in society. The use of these medical-related technologies has been developing over the years and will keep improvising in the future as well. The Anatomage Table is the most advanced technology in the field of medicine. It allows the students to explore and learn the anatomy of the human body, knowledge beyond what the real cadaver could offer. Davao Medical School Foundation combines cutting-edge technology with medical education in its method of teaching. Let us study this in detail.

3D Anatomage Table


The Anatomage Table is one of the advanced technologies that help to visualize human anatomy. It includes the virtual library of both human and animal anatomy. It also has the clinical diagnostic tool by the visualization of medical CT, MRI scan, or CBCT. The table is combined with the renowned radiology software and also separates the table from other imaging available in the market.

This virtual dissection table opens a new path of learning for the medical students, it's not just the students who are benefited from the anatomy table but also the researchers, scholars, and doctors as well. It helps them to visualize the virtual cadavers and conduct clinical experiments over them. Using a real cadaver is not just an expensive option but also carries the risk of contamination and the growth of microorganisms.

Clinical Value of Anatomage Table

The 3D Anatomage Table runs through the most updated software that combines 3D imaging and computed tomography data for yielding real videos. It includes new pathway tools that visualize tools and allow its users to understand the functionality of the living bodies. It helps to study the following features:

  • Heart Motion Simulation
  • The 3D Anatomage Table makes the heart of the cadaver go through the normal cardiac cycle. The heartbeat rate synchronized with the ECG, the valve motion, and vascular connectivity are accurately modelled through the 3D Anatomage Table.

  • Nerve Connection
  • This particular tool allows the user to explore more about the complex nerve system in the human body. It has 188 dermatomes, the detailed distribution of sensory and motor nerves. It is ideal for diagnosis and medical training.

  • Physiological Pathways
  • The 3D Anatomage table helps the users to visualize different pathways, and that includes the process of inhalation and exhalation, GI contrast, blood flow, the users will have the opportunity to visualize how the subject passes through internal organs or veins within the human body. There is one pathway for visualization, digestion process, GI contrast, and many more. It is ideal for medicine, pharmacology, and many other related studies.

  • Representation of Medical Textbooks
  • There are new contents available in the Table’s Library that are pre-made. The feature includes additional story-driven presets, a short description of the cases, and new filters. There are 220 detailed presets for every cadaver, there is a comprehensive library available for the students, premade content for the assessments of students worksheets, it includes a library for veterinary students as well.

  • 3D prosecution scans
  • The table contains 60 photorealistic images from various regions of human anatomy and examples for normal tissue. It has coloured annotations for every region, to differentiate every part of human anatomy. There is an annotation customization feature.

  • Catheter simulation
  • The table includes a 3D catheter simulator that allows the user to perform surgeries, there are 4 types of procedures included within the system. It creates a realistic surgical experience for the users. It helps the user to assist in the planning of the operation.

With the study of all the features of a 3D Anatomage table, it is proven to be very effective for better understanding. The live visualization of the details draws students' attention for effective outcomes. The top medical universities have adopted the 3D Anatomage Table as an education tool. One of such universities to adopt this feature is Davao Medical School Foundation.

Davao Medical School Foundation- The exclusive feature of 3D Anatomage Table


DMSF is one of the first colleges of its kind in the Philippines to install a 3D Anatomage Table. This feature is adopted by several leading universities on the western side. This virtual dissection table is another embodiment of the advanced technology in the vision of DMSF. It allows the students to visualize fresh cadavers, dissect them in the 3D Anatomage Table, it can be reconstructed with utmost precision that results in accuracy to that of the fresh cadaver.

While the education based on the Anatomage Table is very effective, studies say that the usage of such visual aids has improved the understanding of students and its effects are seen in the test scores of the student. It draws the attention of the students and helps them learn efficiently, there it remains in the memory of the students for a longer period. Along with the 3D Anatomage Table, DMSF has about 50 Cadavers for the students to practice, which is additional knowledge for the students.

Advantages of using 3D Anatomage Table in DMSF

  • It transforms the classroom into a virtual Anatomy Lab
  • It allows the user to dissect various types of cadaver models, if mistakes are made, just click a button to go back.

  • All the available images and resources are readily available
  • The table comes with a pre-packaged curriculum that is organized for every region. It is an excellent tool for updating anatomy.

  • It improves the outcome of the course
  • It is proved that the students enjoy the technology much more than it is based on the material. For the students who have learned to utilize the table, it is one of the effective and beneficial tools that helps them to enter the medical profession.

  • Study based on cases
  • It has over 400 cases which include organ system pathology, patient history with the cross-sectional images.

  • It turns the class into interactive sessions
  • It is an important tool to get your students to get interactive during the class, it allows them to have hands-on experience and engage them in learning.

  • It is user friendly
  • The table is created on a simple basis, with a short orientation packet acquainted with the table.

DMSF modernizes medical education with 3D Anatomage Table: A New Age Tool for Anatomy


Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the first leading medical institutes to introduce the modern method of teaching. The table is technologically advanced and aids the anatomy visualization system. This virtual anatomy table is being adopted by many of the other leading medical institutes as it aids in providing the students to understand the human anatomy that builds a solid foundation for them. DMSF allows the students to explore and learn human anatomy that a cadaver could offer.

Unlike the traditional way of learning anatomy through a cadaver, students now shall not worry about committing mistakes while dissecting the 3D Cadaver. The errors committed can be reversed, which also amplifies the learning experience of the students and makes them thoroughly master the concepts by repeating the process.

Such flexibility is given to the students of DMSF to explore and learn the subject on their own, it encourages them to learn. DMSF unlocks the curiosity of learning and understanding human anatomy. DMSF stands as a pillar throughout the process of turning the students into medical professionals. To know more, , or you can call us on our toll-free number: 1800 547 3220, or visit to get in touch with us.