Davao Medical School Foundation and its two Indian Campuses

A Brief History of Time: The Rise of Davao Medical School Foundation.

Davao Medical School Foundation, located in the city of Davao, The Philippines, has been a standard of excellence when it comes to medical education. For the last 44 years, Davao Medical School Foundation has brought a welcome change to healthcare facilities and medical education in the Philippines. Established by the community orientation conducted by the founders, Davao Medical School Foundation served to provide the rural communities with top-class and affordable education while at the same time, provide access to basic healthcare needs and amenities.

Born out of a vision to serve the community, it was only until 1997 when Dr David K Pillai stumbled upon the Philippines in his quest to find a country that can provide the students of India a chance to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor. This discovery by a single man haschanged medical education in India. Dr David K Pillai with his parent organisation Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd became the principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation and opened a new door of opportunity for the kids back in his homeland. The growing relationship between the two institutions and the countries served the best interests of the Indian students. Davao Medical School Foundation provided a newer, better and more advanced alternative tothe students to study MBBS abroad. It was only the Davao Medical School Foundation that enabled even the rural communities of India to pursue a quality medical career without any bumps or glitches. In the last two decades, Davao Medical School Foundation has positioned the Philippines as the best country to study MBBS and has also become the most preferred medical college for Indian students.

How Davao Medical School Foundation became the most preferred college for Indian students?

Medical education in India although is very highly regarded but has various shortcomings that hinder the accessibility of the students. Two main factors that are at play are:

  • 1. Steep Competition
  • 2. Financial Constraints.

Over 15 lakh candidates applied for NEET-UG 2020 whereas the only available seats for MBBSis somewhere between 80k to 83k. This leaves every 20 students competing for one single seat.With a student to seat ratio of 20:1, it has become imperative to score high NEET qualifying marks to stand a chance for admission into the top govt. colleges. This leaves a vast majority of students either to drop out for a year and try again or completely give up their dreams of becoming a doctor. In such cases, having an option to study MBBS abroad is both lucrative and beneficial for the students.

And the second challenge for the students and their parents is the cost of medical education in India. With an average to low NEET score, a student has to compromise on the quality of education that too at a high cost of admission. Most of the parents do not feel comfortable spending 80 lakhs to 1 crore on a medical degree for their kids and hence are always on the lookout for other low-cost yet top quality medical education.

Davao Medical School Foundation and its association with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd underthe leadership of Dr David K Pillai aims to neutralize the above two issues faced by most Indian students. Davao Medical School Foundation offers easy, hassle-free and direct admission with very minimum requirement and low-cost. Something every Indian student is looking for. Tailored to meet the needs and the demands of the Indian students, Davao Medical School Foundation provides handcrafted, handpicked and customized amenities to the students of India to help boost their medical career.

Apart from a student-friendly, American Standard of Education inspired course structure, Davao Medical School Foundation facilitates every student with dedicated Indian hostel and mess facilities with Indian staff so that every student feels right at home even in a foreign country. Davao Medical School Foundation hosts some of the best and experienced faculty members and is coupled with the latest technology. DMSF empowers every student from India with the right technical skills, develops a personality and gives them the confidence and the knowledge to pursue their dreams to the fullest extent.

Also, the fact that the Philippines is the third highest English speaking country, helps the Indian students settle easily without facing any linguistic challenges which make the transition seamless and smooth. And a country with very similar cultural trends as India, Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines continues to grow in popularity among the Indian students every passing day.

And the cherry in the icing is that Davao Medical School Foundation in association with Transworld Educare provides dedicated FMGE coaching for the students to help them crack theexam and acquire a license to practice in India. An end to end assistance to guide the students from India to their destination.

Today, Davao Medical School Foundation has seen over 3500+ Indian students completing their MBBS and has helped place them as successful doctors all over the world. With a huge influx of Indian students every year to the Davao Medical School Foundation, the founders decided to extend its reach to the students of India by establishing two campuses in India:

  • 1. The Pune Campus of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd.
  • 2. The Chennai Campus of Kings International Medical Academy.

Dedicated Premed Training, NEET & FMGE Coaching of Davao Medical School Foundation:

With a steady rise in the Indian students every year to Davao Medical School Foundation, theauthorities and the founders decided to streamline the entire course of MBBS, especially for Indian students. Total course duration of 5 years and 4 months has been divided into two parts. The first part is the Pre-Med training of 1 year 4 months which can be completed in any of the two campuses in India registered under Davao Medical School Foundation. And the scond part is the MD course of 4 years which is conducted the in the DMSF, the Philippines campus.

Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd, Pune Campus:

Located in Hadapsar, Pune, the Transworld Educare campus is known for its specialised pre med training, NEET & FMGE coaching classes. With state of the art campus, residential learning, and other indulging facilities, Transworld Educare has earned a fabled status. From exposure to clinical trials to hands-on experience and from practical based curriculum to dedicated coaching and paper solving sessions, Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd imbibes the true standard of Davao Medical School Foundation and upholds its truest level.

Impeccable classrooms, pristine infrastructure and friendly faculty prepare the students in the right manner, clear the basics and build the right foundation to help them complete the four yearMD course confidently. A huge residential campus that develops the personality and the skill of the students. It is here that the students are prepared properly for the easy transition to the 4 years course in the Philippines.

Kings International Medical Academy:

Located in the East Coast Road of Mamallapuram, Chennai, Kings International Medical Academy aka KIMA is known for its outstanding contribution in providing NEET & FMGE coaching to the students of Davao Medical School Foundation. KIMA has a very passing percentage at FMGE and is highly regarded as a medical academy in India. At KIMA, the faculties excel at providing one-on-one doubts clearing sessions. They help the students with problem solving, facilitate them with quality study material, conduct regular mock tests and helps the student in identifying the critical part of the problems by analysing the questions over interactive classes. KIMA also provides subject-wise preparation for the FMGE and NEET exams. Apart from these, KIMA is also the prime center for Davao Medical School Foundation and its pre med training.

Davao Medical School Foundation has enabled the students of India to pursue their dreams and is playing a crucial role in changing medical education in India. And with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and Kings International Medical Academy, Davao Medical School Foundation has opened infinite possibilities for the students in India to help them in this noble career.