How can I crack NEET 2022?

While it is a very crucial battle for a 1 lakh medical seat, there are about 16 lakh applicants for the NEET-UG examination. The situation indicates fierce competition among medical aspirants. NEET- UG exams require sheer dedication and determination by the students. To succeed in NEET 2022, students need a proper work schedule to cover the entire curriculum within the period. With the announcement of the official date soon, students are required to plan their schedule for NEET 2022.

Regarding the brief of NEET 2022, students will write the exam based on science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, consisting of the syllabus from Class 11th and 12th. The official dates for NEET 2022 will be announced soon. Every year there are more than 1.5 million aspirants seeking to get a medical seat. To get the desired results, candidates will have to start their preparation now for NEET 2022.

How can I crack NEET 2022?

The three disciplines that cover the NEET-UG examination are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 180 questions are to be answered in three hours, for the total marks of 720. For every accurate response from the candidate, they will be credited four points. The syllabus includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology). Beyond the aspect of the NEET-UG examination, applicants must stop worrying and focus on preparation.

Students must focus on revising the topics for effective preparation, rather than preparing from scratch. The most successful component for NEET-UG is to have a workout plan which covers the entire syllabus promptly. To perform well and get admitted to the college of students' own choice, the student needs to know what to study and how to study within a period, as it is quite crucial. Below is the set of points that helps you achieve success in NEET 2022:

  • Focus on NCERT
  • The prime source of information for the NEET-UG examination is NCERT. The best material to start the preparation for NEET 2022 is from NCERT books. They provide you with a firm understanding of the concepts. It is to be noted that 60-70% of the test is based on NCERT books.

  • Timetable for Revision
  • The deciding factor for determining the performance of the aspirant is their revision towards the topics. Keep reviewing the learned subjects and ensure to learn techniques to remember for a long time. If the candidates are facing difficulties with numerical, one of the strategies is to list out all the important formulas to solve the numerical problems.

  • Primary focus on Conceptual Clarity
  • While studying some of the challenging topics in Physics and Chemistry, one may have uncertainties regarding the concepts, in such scenarios students must consult the teacher and clear their doubts. Never keep questions that are not clarified, do not continue with confusion.

  • Practice mock papers
  • For the aspirants to perform better, students must grasp the concepts and follow the syllabus as per the current exam pattern. This helps in analyzing the real-time performance of the students. It is very much beneficial in identifying the mistakes that can be avoided during the time of the exam.

  • Time Management
  • If you spend too much time on the unknown questions, it gets difficult to solve the easier ones. While you practice your mock test, ensure to solve the problem within the time limit. Managing time is more important than attempting to solve problems. Practice thoroughly to solve the questions within the allotted time.

NEET 2022 - Best Study Material

For the aspirants to crack the NEET-UG examination, preparation plays a key role in reflecting the results. NCERT books are the key factors that help aspirants and boost preparation. It is important to take care of the NEET 2022 study material for clearing the concepts and sort out a strategy for solving the questions quickly during the time of the NEET 2022 examination. Here is the list of top referred books for the individual subjects:

  • Physics
    • Concepts of Physics - H.C. Verma
    • Objective Physics - DC Pandey
    • Fundamental Physics - Pradeep
    • Fundamentals of Physics - Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
    • Physical Chemistry - OP Tandon
    • Problems in General Physics- IE Irodov
  • Chemistry
    • Concise Inorganic Chemistry - JD Lee
    • Dinesh Chemistry Guide
    • ABC of Chemistry - Modern
    • Inorganic Chemistry Practise book - VK Jaiswal
    • Organic Chemistry Practise book - MS Chauhan
    • Physical Chemistry Practise book - N Awasthi
  • Biology
    • Biology Vol - 1 and Vol - 2 - Trueman
    • Biology Guide - Pradeep
    • Objectives for biology - Dinesh
    • Objectives for botany - Ansari
    • Biology- GRB Bathla Publications

NEET 2022 - Tips for preparation

  • Students can first start with strongest/tough topics that have more weightage, this will help you cover more topics in less time
  • Read your NCERT books thoroughly, ensure to mark important points and highlight the facts, make notes out of them.
  • After the completion of NCERT books, start with study materials that are available in the form of books. Make notes for reference.
  • For subjects like Biology, learn through diagrams. Pictures will help you remember effectively. Diagrams are very important for the NEET exam preparation.
  • For subjects like Physics, try solving as many questions as possible. List down the chapter-wise formulas that comprise all the important ones that have a high weightage of marks.
  • In Chemistry, learn the chemical equations by heart. After the completion of every chapter, write down the chemical formulae and equations that are important from the NEET-UG exam point of view.

Quick Tips - NEET 2022

  • Divide the study time to 1-2 hours each day
  • Take minimal breaks, this helps you in concentrating effectively
  • Try making short notes that help you to memorize faster.
  • Make use of abbreviations while writing notes
  • NEET mostly examines your basics, give more time to make your basics strong. Complex problems are solved with the help of basics
  • Study every part of NCERT thoroughly, most of the questions asked are from NCERT.
  • Take mock tests regularly to know your preparation.
  • Do not neglect topics from class 11th, provide the same intensity of preparation as of 12th.
  • Beyond all these sleep hours of 7-8 hours is mandatory as this will result in a lack of concentration which in turn affects your retaining power.
  • Consume nutritious food and stay hydrated. Remain healthy to achieve your dream. Avoid being stressed.

How can I crack NEET 2022?

With the NEET 2022 exam approaching near, candidates might face jitters and anxiety. This has a severe effect on their performance, as it is the cause of mistakes while taking the NEET- UG examination. Making use of time effectively is very important. As per the experts refrain from commencing a new chapter before the exam. After the completion of studying, start with revision and mock tests. For self-evaluation, continue to take mock tests very frequently.

While the preparation time for the NEET-UG examination is quite long, it is easy for the aspirants to get off track. If one manages to gain control over some time, it shall turn out to be a smooth ride. Apart from the preparation, one of the most important aspects for the aspirant is their health, they will have to pay equal attention to their health as well. By staying positive throughout your journey of preparation, your goal is very much achievable.