Important Notice for the NEET students of both Pune and Chennai campus

Important Notice for the NEET students of both Pune and Chennai campus

The Parent-Teacher meet conducted over zoom on the 18th May’21 was the first of many such meets that will see Mr Kadwin Pillai, the Chairman of Kings International Medical Academy updating the parents regarding the performance of their wards along with addressing various queries, concerns and issues related to the NEET and the students enrolled for the same.

Below are the major talking points from the Parent-Teacher Meet:

Low Attendance: It has been observed that students for the NEET sections are registering a very low attendance for regular classes and weekly examinations which is an alarming situation. To prevent this from happening, we are introducing a strict policy.

  • a. Parents will be notified every time a student fails to attend the class.
  • b. Late joiners will be marked absent.
  • c. Test, exam and attendance reports will all be sent to the parents.
  • d. Students with low attendance will not be allowed admission to the BS course upon successful completion of the NEET.

NEET Repeaters: If a student fails to clear in the first attempt, the fees of the coaching will be covered for the second year. But the student will have to pay for lodging and mess on the campus (T&C applied).

Fee Payment: Students are requested to clear the Fees (only a partial amount) at the earliest to avoid being on the defaulter list. Many students haven't paid any fees so far. We will be barring the access of the students to the classroom and revoke their access to the tests as well. Unless the fees are cleared. In case, if you have already paid the fees, our accounts team will reach out to you. Please get it updated from them.