Is it better to study MBBS in Philippines?

Is it better to study MBBS in Philippines? This is one of the top queries for the medical aspirants who start looking out for options after the completion of the NEET entrance exam. The medical aspirants begin their research on various other choices, such as MBBS study abroad. One of the myths about studying MBBS Abroad is about the cost of education which is considered very high. But in reality, the cost of MBBS courses in certain countries is very much low, one among such countries is Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines is a good choice to study MBBS, considering the factors like cost of education, quality of education, great infrastructure facilities, and many more. The average tuition fee to study MBBS in Philippines is about 11-18 lakhs, whereas the cheaper medical school offers even less. Though the cost of medical education is less, they do not compromise on the quality of medical education. With minimal constraints, MBBS in Philippines is the better option for students looking for affordable medical education.

Myths about Studying MBBS in Abroad?

Aspiring medical students need to have a long-term vision for reaching several heights in their careers. Students will have to come out of their comfort zone and push their boundaries to take the necessary steps. Though there are several benefits of studying MBBS Abroad, there are as well many misconceptions that are surrounded studying MBBS Abroad. Let us have a look at it:

  • Medical education abroad is very expensive
  • Language is a barrier for Indian students studying MBBS Abroad
  • The foreign countries are not safe for Indian students
  • The obtained MBBS Degree is not valid in India
  • Any degree abroad, shall misguide the students to just have fun and indulge in parties
  • Food being a Hurdle to Indian students
  • Lack of Best Medical University Abroad
  • Difficult to clear FMGE Screening Test

How does MBBS in Philippines break the Myth about Studying MBBS in Abroad?

Philippines is one of the Asian countries that gives you the choice to pursue your MBBS degree in English. Apart from the curriculum, it lets you explore the culture with no limitations. Philippines is ranked universally for its excellence in the field of education.

  • MBBS in Philippines charges about 15-22 lakhs for the MBBS degree
  • The mode of instruction is in the language of English.
  • For the admission of MBBS in Philippines, there is no requirement to take TOEFL or IELTS
  • There are no Donation fees charged apart from Tuition fees
  • MBBS in Philippines facilitates Indian food for Indian students
  • The education system follows the US-based curriculum
  • MBBS in Philippines is safe a country for women
  • They have universally recognized Medical Universities that are perceived by WHO and MCI
  • The Philippines has the maximum number of students passing the FMGE screening test.
  • MBBS in Philippines is very much affordable
  • 10,000 international students travel to study MBBS in Philippines.The country provides quality training for its students. MBBS in Philippines is a significant fascination for medical aspirants worldwide. The MBBS degree provided here is so legitimate and acknowledged around the world.

MBBS in India Vs MBBS in Philippines

For the students who doubt that, is it better to study MBBS in Philippines? Here is a quick comparison between MBBS in India.

Details MBBS in India MBBS in Philippines
Degree In India, it is termed as MBBS which is the basic formal graduate degree In the Philippines, the medical degree is known as M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) The medical degree obtained from Philippines is similar to the MBBS degree
Eligibility requirements Students who have completed 12th, with science as their background are eligible to do an MBBS degree
  • In the Philippines, students should have completed 2 years of B.S course, before they start with 4 years of MD course.
  • Students who have passed 12th with science subjects must then complete a B.S course.
  • B.S course is nothing but a pre-medical course conducted for about 10-18 months based on the university.
  • Between the course of time of joining M.D and the completion of B.S Course, students will have to take up NMAT to get qualified for MD
MBBS Curriculum MBBS in India focuses on the detailed study of human anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry, pathology, pediatrics, general surgery, etc. MBBS in Philippines, emphasizes more practical learning.
Cost of Medical Education
  • In government medical colleges, it costs about INR 20,000- 7,50,000.
  • In private medical college, it ranges from INR 20,00,000- 1,00,00,000
  • The Minimum tuition fees for an year is about INR 2,50,000
  • The Maximum Tuition Fees for a year is about INR 6,00,000

The top universities in Philippines have a long history of their establishment, here is the list of the Top Medical Colleges in Philippines and their year of establishment.

Top Medical College in Philippines Year of Establishment
UV Gullas College of Medicine 1919
Xavier University 1933
Davao Medical School Foundation 1969
Our Lady of Fatima 1973
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA 1975
AMA School of Medicine 1975
Bicol Christian College of Medicine 1980

Factors that attract students to students MBBS in Philippines

  • MBBS in Philippines is significantly the safest country
  • While the students decide to go onboard to study MBBS Abroad. The safety aspect of the students becomes a major concern for the parents. The safety of their children becomes the top angle to assess. The land of the Philippines is well known for its safety and security of the students. The government is very keen on keeping the place safe enough for women. Doing education in a foreign land is not just an achievement but also requires determination and bravery.

  • Admission Process to do MBBS in Philippines
  • Philippines stands out of the queue when it comes to the quality of education. It has considerably gained so much prominence among International students. The medical universities provide quality education with world-class trained professionals. The admission process is made very easy for the students through the associates of the medical university in the respective country.

  • Citizens of Philippines
  • One can never regret their choice to study MBBS in Philippines. The people here are very friendly and helpful. The locals treat the international people with warmth and are very supportive towards them. It creates a sense of homeland for the students traveling from international countries. Also, language can never become a barrier for the students. Students merely face any difficulties while interacting with the localities in the Philippines.

Is it better to Study MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS in the Philippines is worth the choice for the students who aspire to study MBBS Abroad. The qualification from the MBBS degree in Philippines is globally recognized. It is considered advantageous for Indian students as it uses the English Language as the medium of instruction and hence makes it easy for students who opt to study MBBS in Philippines.

The Medical Universities offer scholarships for the students making it more convenient for the students and thereby encouraging more students to do well in their academics. MBBS in Philippines is recognized by WHO, MCI, FAIMER, and ECFMG. The Philippines is considered to be a popular option among the students who aspire to become professionals in the field of medicine.

The Medical Universities inculcate the latest technology and medical practices. The literacy rate of the country is 90%, this defines the quality of education here. It is better to study MBBS in Philippines and will always remain to be the best option to study MBBS in Philippines.