MBBS in DMSF Vs MBBS In India: DMSF over Private Medical Colleges in India

MBBS in DMSF Vs MBBS In India: DMSF over Private Medical Colleges in India

A Comparative Study of Fee Structure and Quality Education for MBBS Colleges in India Vs MBBS in DMSF, MCI & WHO approved medical college in the Philippines.

Every year more than 10 lakhs students in India apply for NEET-UG conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The year registered a whopping 15.97 lakh students out of which 13 lakhstudents appeared for the NEET-UG 2020 exam. So far so good!

But once you compare the number of seats available in India for MBBS and BDS in the top-ranking government and private colleges to the number of students who qualify for the exam, the situation is more than critical. Although the number of medical seats was increased up to 5200, yet the total number of seats for MBBS stands at 78,333 and for BDS it is 26773 which is not at all comparable to the 7 lakh students who qualified the exam.

This accounts for only 10% of students who get a chance to study in the top medical colleges of India leaving the rest 90% stranded with their dreams & ambitions. Either the students and their parents will have to compromise on the quality of education or they will have to spend life’s worth of saving to educate their children. Without proper guidance & counselling, a child often ends up giving up on his dream of becoming a doctor.

Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines is that doorway every student can unlock topursue their dreams to the fullest and build a successful career in medicine. DMSF is that gateway for every Indian student and their households where they can become a doctor without compromising on the quality of the education, that too, without spending a fortune as well. Be it the fee structure of DMSF or the hostel accommodation of DMSF, be it the DMSF faculty or the DMSF facilities, for the last 44 years, Davao Medical School Foundation has been the most preferred college for MBBS in the Philippines by the Indian students.

Through this blog, we will compare the pros and cons of pursuing MBBS in DMSF as opposed to MBBS in India and list out the reasons as to why an Indian student would prefer DMSF over other Indian colleges.

MBBS Fee Structure of DMSF

India being a top country for medical education has a very high demand. Both in terms of availability of seats and affordability of the fees. As already mentioned, with only 78,333 seats for MBBS in India, a student who has qualified NEET with a ranking of 3 lakh will never get into a government medical college. And the fee structure of Govt. & Private institutions are on complete opposite ends. Where a government medical college in India would cost around 4 lakhs for the MBBS degree, a private medical college, on the other hand, can cost up to 1 crore. On average, a private medical college in India costs around 7 lacs per year. With the usual course, the duration was 5 years, the tuition fees alone sum up to 35 lakhs.

Over 4500+ Indian students studied MBBS at DMSF, the best medical college in the Philippines.
DMSF on the other hand, has a tuition fee of 3.5 lakh per year, a total of 18.5 lakh almost half the fee. All these with top-notch faculty, latest technology and best hands-on practice.

To make education accessible to all, MBBS in DMSF doesn’t have stringent requirements as high NEET score although NEET qualification is desirable. And since the lifestyle of the Philippines is comparable to that of India, the cost of living is completely similar to India and hence doesn’t add extra expenditures. The hostel of DMSF is fully Indian-centric with Indian staff and mess facilities available at a very nominal price of 12000 INR monthly.

Apart from these, school uniforms are to be arranged by the students on their own. However, one can find relevant study material at our well-facilitated libraries and online portals & websites. Most of these are free of charge and don't cost you a single penny.

DMSF also provides List A Visa Services with one time paid expenses to travel to The Philippines as a part of DMSF fee structure. With easy grants processed from the college, you can avail more than 20 List A services and your full Visa process including documentation and verification, all at 1,50,000 only, in addition to the other charges as mentioned above.

Why is DMSF’s fee structure a bargain for an Indian student compared to studying MBBS in India?

DMSF being a low to mid expense college is suitable for all the students in terms of the tuition fee. Ranging from 18 lakhs to 24 lakhs, DMSF in this range of tuition fees, bestow facilities, services and knowledge to students which are comparable to colleges with tuition fees around 80 lakh to 1 crore. DMSF being a WHO & MCI approved college, is one of the Top 6 colleges for MBBS in the Philippines. And its primary reason is its cutting edge technology the college provides in imparting education to the students. Apart from the well-facilitated labs, classrooms and learning centres, DMSF also gives extensive exposure to Hands-on Training.

Below are the exclusive features DMSF provides at affordable admissions:

  • The first college to use Simulated Mannequins in the Philippines at a very affordable price which is not available in India.
  • One of the first colleges to 3D Anatomage Table, Virtual Reality, Smart Classes and many more which medical colleges lack in India.
  • In terms of Infrastructure, the MBBS colleges abroad are way ahead than the majority of the medical colleges in India.
  • The practical experience is better in the Philippines as compared to MBBS colleges in India. DMSF follows the American Standard for the MBBS (MD) program and maintains a clinically-based training program throughout the curriculum.
  • DMSF with its good networking among the affiliated colleges and hospitals, provide clinical rotation of the students in the third and the fourth year and provides more than 4000+ beds for hands-on practical training. In India, the student faces a lot of challenges when it comes to handling real-time cases during internships.
  • The Clerkship of DMSF is equivalent to an internship in India and hence students won’t have to pursue a separate internship program.
  • DMSF also has the highest passing percentage at the FMGE, the licensure examination every student studying abroad has to write to practice medicine in India. They 5 years 4 months MBBS (MD) course at DMSF has been designed in such a way that every student is trained for the FMGE and reduces the possibility of further separate coaching for the FMGE. Thereby, saving a lot of money on coaching and also taking the responsibility to hone the students for various competitive exams.
DMSF uses Asia’s First Simulated Mannequins for clinical training.

The other private colleges in India for MBBS and other medical courses have a fee structure from 80 lakhs to 1 crore for the entire duration of the course which is beyond comprehension for many students. Plus, these colleges still lack the structural infrastructure, practical know-how and various other lab equipment and practices. Therefore, it is way more worth for a student to pursue MBBS in DMSF in much lower fees and better quality than to study in India and spend fortunes in the MBBS degree but compromise on the quality of education. In later stages of career, students without practical knowledge face difficulty in completing competitive exams needed for Post Graduation and other degrees. Therefore, it is very important, while the student studies the MBBS course, he/she also must be clinically adept and prepared for various competitive exams to further their careers. At DMSF, our counselling unit constantly guides the students as per the interest and calibre and help them achieve their full potential. Such exclusive care and benefit are often absent in many private colleges. But we at DMSF are always focused on providing complete support to our students in any form or shape.

DMSF provides quality education at a much affordable cost than most of the private medical colleges of India.

MBBS in India is a costly affair especially when compared to the MBBS in DMSF but as we have seen the fee structure of DMSF is more accessible to all without compromising on the quality of the medical education one can expect to find in India. Keeping all these in mind, it is obvious that DMSF is the front runner for the top MBBS college abroad and the best college to study MBBS in the Philippines. Affordable, approachable and amiable, DMSF certainly has more pros and no cons at all rather than studying MBBS in India at a higher fee and minimal quality.

If you are looking for MBBS admissions in DMSF or the Philippines, contact us @ dmsf.ph