MBBS in Philippines Fees

MBBS Abroad is pretty flexible. Yes, you heard that right. MBBS Study Abroad is getting very popular nowadays. Many countries in the world are proven to be ideal to study MBBS. MBBS in Philippines is one such ideal option for Indian students, considering the constraints for them to study MBBS in India. MBBS in Philippines fees are pretty affordable. Apart from affordable fees to study MBBS Abroad, students must look for top medical universities, global opportunities for working, and educational quality.

Over 10,000 students opt to study MBBS in Philippines every year. Most of the medical colleges in the Philippines follow the US standard of education. This course structure helps the students to prepare for USMLE and FMGE examinations. MBBS in Philippines is being considered an ideal choice for its guaranteed accommodation for all the international students who wish to study MBBS in Philippines. MBBS in Philippines is considered to be the best option for Indian students considering its affordability compared to any other country.

Quick Highlights - MBBS in Philippines

Course Name MD (Equivalent to MBBS)
Eligibility Students must have secured 50% in PCB Subjects
Course Pattern BS+MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Duration of the course 5.5 years
Minimum Tuition fees (Per Year) INR 2,50,000
Maximum Tuition fees (Per Year) INR 6,00,000
Monthly Expenses INR 12,000-15,000
Medium of Instruction English
Recognition from University MCI, WHO, WFME and FAIMER

MBBS in Philippines- Course Structure

MBBS in Philippines is considered as MD in Philippines, the MBBS Course is a combination of BS+MD. It is a 6 years program that comprises clinical rotation as a part of an internship in the final year. The pre-medical course is conducted for 16-18 months. By the end of the fifth year, students are allotted in different health centers to perform their clinical rotation. Under the supervision of specialized doctors and medical practitioners, students get trained for the future.

MBBS in Philippines - Eligibility

  • Students must qualify NEET examination to pursue MBBS in Philippines
  • Must have scored a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from a recognized board.
  • Without NEET, candidates shall not be able to appear for the MCI screening test, and won't be allowed to practice medicine in India.

MBBS in Philippines Fees

The Philippines is considered to be the most economical destination for International students. It is not just a pocket-friendly option but also offers quality education when it comes to higher education. Whether it is MBBS or any other course, one can pursue their dream education without stressing much about the tuition fees. The total tuition fees are divided into two parts, one for the BS course and the other for MD. Students will have to pay the fees in two parts. The minimum fee to study MBBS in Philippines is about INR 2.5 lakhs and the maximum is INR 6 lakhs per year.

Below are the details of MBBS in Philippines Fees for Indian Students

Name of the Medical University Tuition Fees in Rs ( BS Course ) Tuition Fees in Rs (MD Course) Total Tuition Fees for 6 years in Rs
UV Gullas College of Medicine 6,65,000 11,20,000 17,85,000
University of Perpetual Help 6,75,000 16,15,000 23,25,000
University of Santo Tomas 4,20,000 10,50,000 14,70,000
Davao Medical School Foundation 7,00,000 14,28,000 21,28,000
AMA School of Medicine 7,00,000 10,50,000 17,50,000
University of Northern Philippines 3,50,000 7,28,000 10,78,000
Our Lady of Fatima University 8,40,000 17,92,000 26,32,000
St. Paul University Philippines 5,59,000 12,60,000 18,19,000
AMEC Bicol Christian College of Medicine 3,00,000 9,60,000 12,60,000
Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila 5,60,000 15,12,000 20,72,000

Let us check the detailed fee structure of the top colleges in Philippines.

  • AMA School of Medicine Fees
  • Details Fees in Rupees
    1st Year of BS Course 4,44,000
    2nd Year of BS Course 2,96,000
    1st year of MD 3,70,000
    2nd Year of MD 3,70,000
    3rd Year of MD 2,22,000
    4th Year of MD 1,48,000
    Total 18,50,000
  • University of Perpetual Help
  • Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 6,66,000
    1st year of MD 6,66,000
    2nd Year of MD 4,44,000
    3rd Year of MD 2,96,000
    4th Year of MD 2,22,000
    Total 22,94,000
  • Our Lady Of Fatima UniversityA
  • Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 10,41,600
    1st year of MD 4,46,400
    2nd Year of MD 4,46,000
    3rd Year of MD 4,46,000
    4th Year of MD 4,46,000
    Total 28,27,200
  • Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Davao Medical School Foundation- Tuition Fees Structure

    Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 8,50,000
    1st year of MD 3,50,000
    2nd Year of MD 3,50,000
    3rd Year of MD 3,50,000
    4th Year of MD 3,50,000
    Total 22,50,000

    Education Service Fees:

    Accommodation 12,000 (per month)
    Documentation 1,50,000
  • UV Gullas College of Medicine
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College is a co-education academic institution that offers medical degrees for local and overseas students. It was founded in 1957 and has developed a wide range of courses. They have no donation fees and no entrance exam required for admission. The campus provides a safe environment for the students. It offers a medical course at a very affordable cost. The medical college is also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

    Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 7,27,500
    1st year of MD 3,26,250
    2nd Year of MD 3,00,000
    3rd Year of MD 3,00,000
    4th Year of MD 3,00,000
    Total 19,53,750
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
  • Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 6,04,605
    1st year of MD 3,91,215
    2nd Year of MD 3,91,215
    3rd Year of MD 3,91,215
    4th Year of MD 3,91,215
    Total 21,69,465
  • University of Northern Philippines
  • Details Fees in Rupees
    Pre-medical Course 7,10,000
    1st year of MD 2,10,000
    2nd Year of MD 2,10,000
    3rd Year of MD 2,10,000
    4th Year of MD 2,10,000
    Total 15,50,000

How does MBBS in Philippines differ from MBBS in India?

Occupancy of medical students and affordability plays a major role when it comes to studying MBBS in India. Over 15 lakh students apply for the entrance exam every year. But the seats available are less than 1 lakh. In such scenarios, students study MBBS Abroad. MBBS in Philippines is well known for its affordable tuition fees, but with high-quality medical education. Also, students get a lot of job opportunities after completing MBBS in Philippines.

  • Cost of Education
  • Country Tuition Fees (Per year)
    MBBS in Philippines 12 lakhs- 15 lakhs
    MBBS in India 5 Lakhs- 20 Lakhs

    Students securing higher rank in the NEET entrance exam shall get placed in government medical colleges with low fees structure and great opportunities lined up in the future. But making this opportunity fair enough for all the students, studying MBBS Abroad is a great option. MBBS in Philippines, adds more advantages to the decision of studying MBBS Abroad.

MBBS in Philippines Fees

While MBBS in Philippines is the most widely chosen option among Indian Students, it provides practical education that enables medical students to become successful medical professionals. The MBBS degree obtained from the Philippines is widely recognized around the world. Post the completion of the MBBS degree students can pursue PG in any country. MBBS in Philippines adds more value to Indian students, as it provides the safest environment for its students.

MBBS in Philippines fees is cheap and economically comparatively. There are more than 10,000+ international students who fly to study MBBS in Philippines. The education quality is one of the key factors for the medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS abroad. For students who want to become a doctor on a very low budget, MBBS in Philippines is an ideal option. MBBS in Philippines fees comes at a low cost to fulfill the dreams of all the medical aspirants around the world.