Most Indian Students choose MBBS in Philippines

Why Indian Students prefer to study for MBBS in Philippines?

Every year since 2017, India has registered over 1 million NEET applicants. In 2020, 1.5 million aspiring students registered for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. The test that confirms your eligibility to study MBBS abroad. However, with a total of 76,928 seats available exclusively for MBBS in India including the government and private colleges, only a 10% of the students get a seat in the top medical college for MBBS in India leaving rest of the 90% of the students either to study MBBS in Philippines or pay large sums of money for below par education.MBBS in Philippines at Davao Medical School Foundation is a ray of hope for that 90% of the students who do not want to compromise on quality education, that too, at an affordable fee.

The whole country has a strong foundation of medical colleges and other MBBS universities in Philippines. MBBS education in Philippines has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years. With over 40 MCI approved medical colleges in the country, it is the 44 years of excellence that made Davao Medical School Foundation a frontrunner for MBBS in the Philippines. Accredited by ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates), WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), PAASCU (Philippines Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges & Universities), Davao Medical School Foundation is internationally recognised, rewarded and reputed.

The institute registers most of the Indian students to provide maximum benefits of studying MBBS abroad. The Philippines, in general, registers over 10’000 foreign students every year who come to pursue MBBS abroad but with DMSF’s increasing pass percentage in Medical Council of India Screening Test also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), the number of Indian students coming to the Philippines for MBBS has also steadily been rising.

Apart from securing the highest passing percentage at MCI/FMGE, the college and the country both have plenty to offer to all, especially the Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines. From scenic beaches to bustling streets and from state-of-the-infrastructure to high-quality education in an amiable ambience, there are countless reasons why an Indian student feels at home in the Philippines, making it the best country to study MBBS abroad.

Advantages for Indian students of studying MBBS in Philippines:

Two of the most significant challenges students often face while studying MBBS abroad are to adapt to climatic and cultural changes in the new country. The MBBS (MD) program requires continuous effort, relentless practice and determination. Any hindrances in the form of language or lifestyle are not ideal.

Overcoming all of these challenges, DMSF is your one-stop solution to all your problems and disadvantages of studying MBBS abroad. A student travelling from India to The Philippines can seamlessly merge into the lifestyle of the country. This keeps the students from feeling homesick. Thus, allowing them to concentrate entirely on the course.

Apart from a lot of logistical help from the country to the students, the college provides technical assistance and addresses the core competencies of the students. While the student makes himself comfortable at home, the college takes the initiative to hone the medical skills of the student on both theoretical and practical levels. The institution implements a comprehensive course structure that builds life-saving skills.

The major benefits the Indian students have in Philippines are:

No Need of Learning a New Language:

Moving into a new country, the first and the foremost concern for most of us is to get used to the local language which can be troublesome. Also, it’s hard to get-going in a conversation when you do not know the other language. But not in the Philippines.

The Philippines is the world’s 3rd largest English speaking country that removes communication problems for the students who come to study MBBS in Philippines. Students during their college years need to have a fluent means of communication among their professors, staff, peers and colleagues. It is these interactions among students and teachers that help in developing critical thinking and quick responses in the students under pressure situations in real-life scenarios. Because these interactive sessions are crucial to the development of concepts of the students, the college mandates every student to improve their communication skills and those from vernacular backgrounds are given extra care and importance in strengthening their verbal communication.

Communication is not just vital in learning all these skills but also plays an integral part in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. Talking to the patient to know more about their predicament often helps doctors make life-saving calls. Establishing common means of communication, therefore, is the top-most priority. And since English is one of the major languages of the Philippines, it makes communication and the subsequent life & learnings pretty easy.

Similar Cultural and Climatic Trends as India:

DMSF celebrates national holidays for Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines

India and the Philippines fall under the same latitudes of tropics to sub-tropics. Due to this, the climatic pattern and the resultant food crop & eating habits of the Philippines and India are very identical. As a result, a student shifting to the Philippines doesn’t face severe climatic differences.

The similar climatic pattern leads to some of the same cultural practices. Like India, The Philippines also follows monsoon based agricultural patterns. Rice is one of the major crops that are both produced and consumed as a staple diet in the Philippines. One can find traces of Indian roots, flavours and ingredients in the diversity of the Filipino cuisines. Such homely food works as pure comforts for students living away from their homes and can easily satiate their favourites. The Philippines, because of its great diversity and flexibility, easily became one of the best countries to study MBBS abroad.

Students may arrive in the Philippines as their destination of education and career development. But by the time they leave, this country certainly becomes their home.

Because of the similar economic and cultural similarity, the lifestyle and the expenses thereby are again very much comparable. Total cost of MBBS in Philippines is rather affordable and so are the hostel charges and mess arrangements. Budget friendly quality education is for all. It is in our values to make quality education accessible to all. Fees for MBBS in Philippines is very nominal when you compare it to the fee structure of the Indian private colleges.

Practice on Similar Disease Range:

Most students, after completion of the course, return to India. Either to pursue their stipulated internships or to write their licensure examinations like MCI/FGME. Upon successful completion of their certifications, students are exposed to real-life scenarios daily. Consequently, it has been observed that students with prior experience of handling the same disease fared better than the students who have no hands-on experience in dealing with such cases. Thus, familiarity with the disease and illness play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of the practitioner. For Indian students who are considering, “Should I opt for MBBS in Philippines or Russia?

Make sure you consider the disease spectrum you will be subjected to while practising!

The Philippines, due to its similar climatic conditions as India, operates on the same disease spectrum. This gives the Indian students an upper hand when it comes to dealing with real-life scenarios. At Davao Medical School Foundation, students are exposed to treating similar diseases and therefore, gives them a long time to perfect their skills. This familiarity in treating an illness adds the much-needed experience for the student going forward which comes handy during the internship and practise.

Studying MBBS abroad where climatic conditions aren’t identical would mean different environmental conditions and hence a different disease spectrum from India. This unfamiliarity can be cumbersome for the development of the student. Whereas, the students studying MBBS in the Philippines are already equipped to take care of the disease spectrum in India. The advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines are unlimited and is worth the time, experience and cost.

More Practical and Hands-On Training:

Davao Medical School Foundation over the years because of its innumerable contributions to the healthcare sector and society in general has a good recall value among the local healthcare institutions and hospitals. This has enabled the foundation to create a strong pool of affiliated hospitals which when combined provides 4000 beds for clinical training.

The prominent affiliations of are

Davao Doctors Hospital ,
San Pedro Hospital,
Broken Shire Memorial Hospital,
Southern Philippines Medical Center

he clinical rotations are carried out in the third and fourth year of the course during which the students are enlisted to any one of the above prominent hospitals. But at Davao Medical School Foundation, right from the day one, practical approaches and demonstrations are followed. To enable students to get the right amount of practical knowledge, the college employs several methods, apart from clinical rotations, to make sure every gets the required amount of practical knowledge.

Interactive Sessions at Classrooms & Labs:

Engaging, thought-provoking and interactive learning sessions for practical situations.

Simulated Mannequin Stations:

DMSF is the first College in Philippines to install Simulated Mannequins for hands-on practice, reduce error during surgery, crisis intervention and innovations.

Virtual Reality Anatomy:

An experiential state-of-the-art technology to visually empower the learning skills and study human anatomy on a whole new level.

3D Anatomage & Cadavers:

DMSF is the First College in Philippines to feature a virtual dissection table and a 3D Anatomage Table to visualize the intricacies. Also, the college has a good stock of cadavers to finally practice the skills gained over 3D Anatomage.

Plastinated Models:

Non-decaying, well-preserved bodies to help enunciate every little detail of human anatomy.

Highest FMGE Passing Percentage:

Since 2007, DMSF outranked every other top Indian Medical Colleges for MBBS when it comes to the passing percentage of students at MCI/FMGE examination. It is this factor that majorly contributed to the exponential rise of students coming to the Philippines for MBBS. It is this licensure examination that certifies and allows a student to practice Medicine. Hence, every Indian student while pursuing MBBS keeps FMGE at the top of their priority list. And because the institution lays extra emphasis on up-skilling students for this exam, it attracts a lot of attention from the Indian students.


on many occasions, registered the first All-India Rank and maintained an average of 80% passing rate at FMGE, that too at the first attempt. In 2016 & 2017, the college recorded a passing percentage of 96% at FMGE compared to an overall passing percentage of 35%. In 2019, seven students secured Top 10 All-India Rank.

These glorious feats at MCI/FMGE can be accredited to three cornerstones:


A well-strategized curriculum that balances the practical findings with theoretical knowledge, the curriculum has been designed to give clinical-based training. Such a comprehensive curriculum enhances your problem-solving skills and hence, gives you an edge over the others when it comes to MCI/FMGE. In Philippines MBBS duration is for four years and is comparable with the Indian syllabus although it follows the American standard.


An experienced faculty to assist the students at all times, they provide the right input and motivation for the students to shine in their respective career choices. To guide their students to better futures, the faculty takes extra care in preparing the students for MCI/FMGE.

Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd.

Providing enhanced coaching classes for FMGE, they train students, especially for FMGE.

Affordable Lifestyle and Direct Admission:

With a comparable currency exchange rate of India and the Philippines, the standard of living in the Philippines is almost equivalent to that of India. Reasonable accommodations and food-mess are available throughout the country. Average expenses of a student are similar to that of any Indian city, hence to study MBBS in Philippines is cost-effective. They also provide travelling cost for during the first visit at the time of admission.

Unlike other private Indian colleges, the institution doesn’t levy any donation fee. Even the overall semester fee is way low compared to other top MBBS colleges in India.

For more details on DMSF Fee Structure, please visit:

Easily Accessible from the Philippines:

Being nearby, flights from the Philippines to India are quite frequent, comfortable and don't take too long to reach. Such easy access to the Philippines makes it easier for the students and their families to travel at their will. With good city infrastructure, the country is known for its foreign travel. Hence, connectivity is never an issue. Also, the city of Davao has a well facilitated transportation network which makes commuting easy both for local and global travels. Built to support the lifestyle of the Indian students, the city is accommodating to all and one can always find everything they need right at their fingertips.

Special Arrangements for Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines:

The Philippines offer a lot to Indian students in terms of providing a comfortable and secure lifestyle without having to worry about adapting. Although the country shares many similarities with India and provides top quality education, those aren’t the only reasons why Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Philippines.

It is the intuitive services of Davao Medical School Foundation that delivers a complete Indian vibe to your foreign education in the form of exclusive Indian hostels. Separate for boys & girls, these hostels are exclusively for the students of India. Attached with them are the Indian messes that offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The hostel amenities and conveniences are all customized as per the liking of the Indian students. Dedicated only for the Indian students, every student can find their version of Home within their hostel rooms & mates.

DMSF 2019 Graduation Batch MBBS (MD)

The hostels are supervised by respective wardens and creates a completely safe environment for the students to live in. Also, there are dedicated Indian staff within the hostel positioned especially for the well-being and the wellness of the students. There are various reward schemes too for the students to earn a waiver for the fees through exceptional results. No wonder, it is the most preferred college for the Indian students.

Successful Stories of Indian Students

So far, the institute trained over 4000 Indian students at our college who are now practising medicine all over the world. After moulding each student into a top-class professional, it fills us with immense happiness and joy, to witness them now achieve unprecedented success. With countless testimonials from our stellar alumni, tributes from our outstanding performers and accolades from their proud parents, we feel humbled, honoured and obliged. And it reaffirms our conviction to be listed among the best colleges to study MBBS in Philippines.

Come, be a part of Davao Medical School Foundation, etch your name on our glorious pages, build a career in medicine and help us Heal the World.