NEET-UG: NTA changes the exam pattern

NEET-UG: NTA changes the exam pattern

The NEET-UG authority clarified several queries regarding the marking pattern in the exam; NTA announced the changes after two weeks. It is also the first time that the board has changed the exam pattern.

NEET-UG- The old pattern

Until the year 2020, the previous year's exam paper pattern of NEET-UG consisted of 180 questions that were of objective type, the subjects include physics, chemistry, and biology that are subdivided into zoology and botany. The answer sheets were specially designed to use a ballpoint pen only. The students were given four marks for the correct answer and deduct one mark for each wrong answer.

NEET-UG- The new pattern

The NTA has announced that the new exam pattern for NEET-UG comprises of two sections, in the modified exam pattern the students are supposed to attend 35 mandatory questions, and among the remaining 15 questions, students must attempt only 10 questions because only the first attempted 10 questions are considered for the evaluation, i.e. Section A will have 35 questions that are compulsory to attempt, and Section B consists of 15 questions, out of which the candidates will choose only 10 questions to attempt.

The effect of Covid-19 had a severe impact on Class 12th students for this academic year, based on which the NTA has reduced the syllabus, keeping the above changes. However, the change has helped the students to keep the preparation on track.