NEET-UG exam conducted in Dubai and Kuwait: Announces the ministry of education

NEET-UG exam conducted in Dubai and Kuwait: Announces the ministry of education.

The academic year 2021 has had a huge impact on the medical aspirants, along with the many other changes in the exam, the ministry of education has announced that the NEET-UG exams are to be conducted in Dubai and Kuwait for the first time.

NEET-UG exam-conducted in Dubai and Kuwait

It happens to be one of the massive steps in the history of conducting the NEET exam abroad, while it's a great relief for the NRI students who were quite stressed as they had to travel internationally for the exam conducted by NTA. It has reduced the chaos for students and parents, and the ministry of education announced new centres to conduct the exam smoothly.

NEET-UG in Dubai and Kuwait- effort behind the milestone

It was possible to achieve this milestone with the support of Loksabha Speaker Sh. Om Birla and Allen Career Institute Overseas along with other stakeholders. The Managing director of Allen Overseas has said that many students are applying for the Indian Medical Entrance exam residing in gulf country, these students are allotted a special quota. Post the announcement, students have personally visited Sh. Om Birla to thank him on behalf of NRI students.

The change has brought a huge relief for conducting the NEET-UG exam in gulf countries for the NRI students, the effort has become favourable for the students residing in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.