Study MBBS Abroad: Expectation vs Reality

Study MBBS Abroad: Expectation vs Reality

Studying medicine is a long-term commitment, as the choices made by the students have long-term effects on their careers. While few have a serious desire towards this profession others choose to have financial gain. Students have to work very hard to get this eminent degree. The tough situation arises with the tough competition to secure a medical seat in India, with the limited number of seats. Students will then choose to study MBBS abroad.

For many unavoidable reasons, students choose to study MBBS abroad to pursue their dreams. In today’s scenario, MBBS abroad is one of the top chosen options for Indian students considering factors like fee structure, a limited number of seats, incorporating the modern technology of learning, and many more. But to study MBBS abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us study in detail.

Why do students prefer to study MBBS abroad over MBBS in India?

MBBS in India is one of the sought-out professions. Though there are millions of students who appear for the entrance exam, there are very limited seats available for the competition. All the medical aspirants can't secure a medical seat in India. Therefore, students choose to obtain an MBBS degree abroad. The reason why students prefer to study MBBS abroad over MBBS in India is listed below:

  • Approximately there are 80,000 MBBS seats in India, whereas the number of applicants for the entrance exams is about 15,00,000. Most of the Indian students find it difficult to get through the merit score.
  • The cost of study plays a major role, the medical fees in private colleges are so high. With the yearly fees in the private medical colleges in India, one can complete their MBBS abroad.
  • Most of the medical colleges in India lack proper infrastructure. Also, they lack modern technologies for training.
  • There shall be no options for donation to study MBBS abroad, whereas in India there are high capitation charges taken by the private medical colleges.
  • With the huge competition for the medical seat in India, it is difficult to acquire MBBS admission in the desired college even with the qualifying score. This shall not be the case while you prefer to study MBBS abroad.
  • Regarding the concern of international recognition, the MBBS admission in abroad universities provides recognition from esteemed organizations and overseas opportunities as well.

Here is the quick comparison of MBBS in India and that of MBBS Abroad

Details MBBS in India MBBS Abroad
MBBS Course Duration 4-6 years( Academics- 4.5 years, Internship- 1 year) 5- 5.5 years (includes 1 year of Internship program
Eligibility Criteria Minimum 50% aggregate in PCB subjects Minimum 50% aggregate in PCB subjects
Age The candidate must be aged 17 years to appear for the entrance exam The minimum age to appear is 17 years and the maximum is 25 years
Entrance exam NEET-UG NEET-UG
Overall Fees Cost The overall budget starts from 20 lakhs ( it includes tuition fees, hostel fees) While the government colleges fees are very less, but the private medical college’s fees is more than 75 lakhs
Process in admission Quite easy to acquire MBBS admission abroad Difficult to get MBBS admission in government medical colleges

Looking after these constraints of MBBS in India, students are now applying to study MBBS abroad. While there are so many merits to studying MBBS abroad it also has its demerits, let us list the above.

Merits - Study MBBS Abroad

  • MCI Recognized medical colleges, Medical Colleges in abroad countries like China, Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc are all recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  • The medical colleges abroad have a world-class infrastructure that has all the modern facilities, latest technology, medical laboratories, and research centers, which are a crucial part of learning.
  • The cost of medical fees is very affordable when compared to the private medical colleges in India.
  • Students get International recognition as and when they return to India or even the international opportunities from overseas.
  • They have advanced learning techniques when compared to the medical education in India.
  • Students will get exposed to a variety of cultures in countries abroad, which helps them to gel with any people or any situation.
  • Along with the classroom knowledge, students will gain practical skills through the clinical rotation which is a part of the curriculum.
  • Students preferring to work overseas will have better opportunities and better return on investment.
  • To study MBBS abroad is itself a lifetime opportunity. The experience will help the students to develop their personalities.

Demerits- Study MBBS Abroad

  • Language is one of the barriers for the students who study MBBS abroad. In certain countries, students will have to learn the local language, which might be difficult.
  • In a few hospitals, students might not be allowed to treat the patients, rather they will just have to observe the process. Most of the training shall be done on dummies, making it difficult for the students to have real experience.
  • During the time of internship, students have to learn the local language to interact with the patients, which is almost like an additional subject for the students.
  • For foreign medical students to practice medicine in India, they have to clear the entrance test, which is mandatory.
  • In some of the countries, the passing percentage of students in the FMGE entrance exam indicates their standard of medical education, which may delay their practice.

Best country to study MBBS abroad

The students need to be aware of all the parameters of their choice of medical university. Students who are looking forward to study MBBS abroad, shall list out the top countries to study MBBS abroad. Here is the list of top countries that might guide you to reach your destination:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • China
  • Ukraine
  • Philippines
  • Netherlands
  • Russia

Among the top preferred destination countries like the USA, Philippines, UK, and Canada shall be the top destinations for the Indian students to study MBBS abroad.

The best option to study MBBS in Asia is the Philippines. MBBS in Philippines has so many benefits for Indian Students who choose to study MBBS in Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country that has breathtaking visuals of nature. Along with the world-class beaches, it has a tropical climate that is very similar to that of India. Currently, the literacy rate of the Philippines is 94%. The majority of the people are educated, which makes it a commendable country to study MBBS. The top reasons to study MBBS in Philippines are provided below:

  • English is the most widely spoken language in the Philippines. All the modes of instruction are provided in English.
  • The Philippines follows the US-based system of medical education, which includes clinical rotation as a part of the curriculum. The medical universities are affiliated with the hospitals to train the students.
  • The Philippines has a similar tropical climate to that of India, which means the disease spectrum is also similar, which makes it easier for the students to treat patients in India.
  • It provides the most affordable fees for medical education. With a low-fee structure, they offer high-quality education. The fee of the course is very affordable and economical for Indian students.
  • It is the growing hub for the top universities, students will have a wider opportunity to grow
  • Apart from the curriculum, Indian food is never a problem in the Philippines. Most of the medical colleges in the Philippines have Indian mess within the campus and in the hostel.

MBBS is one of the prominent degrees that requires dedication and hard work. In India, the medical seats are very limited compared to the number of medical aspirants in the country. The problem arises here because there is tough competition for every single medical seat. With the limited constraints, students choose to study MBBS Abroad.

These young medical aspirants continue to pursue their dreams through various other options, one of such is to study MBBS abroad. Today, the process for MBBS admission is much simpler and easier. There is a rise in the percentage of students opting to study MBBS abroad. The universities located in abroad countries offer direct admission without an entrance test.

MBBS abroad admission is a hassle-free procedure. Students can apply to the medical colleges of their preference. They shall have to provide the necessary details and proceed to pay the application fee for admission. Students are advised to have guidance from counselors if they are confused with the wide range of options available to study MBBS abroad.

Though there are certain demerits, students get accustomed to these conditions during their period of study. Always remain focused to reach your destination that is filled with hurdles.