Tips to remember - While you study MBBS Abroad

Medicine is known to be one of the most challenging fields. Students pursuing MBBS abroad will require the skills of future health practitioners, they also undertake intensive residency programs. Beyond all the efforts the ultimate goal is to save lives, it makes all the efforts worth it. But before planning the place of destination to study MBBS abroad, students must check with all the criteria that match their requirements. There are various options for the students to study MBBS abroad, few of the top countries like the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, etc. There are top universities within the country that are recognized by WHO and MCI, with low fees structure.

Medical is one of the top chosen careers in the world, to get this eminent degree students shall have to study hard for securing admission in prestigious medical universities. In India, there is a tough competition arising for the limited number of medical seats, as there are lakhs of students applying every year. Thereby students show their preference towards studying MBBS abroad. MBBS abroad is the most chosen option by Indian students with the current constraint of limited seats.

Before making the decision, get to know the basics important things to keep in mind, let us study in detail. Here are the key points to be followed:

  • In terms of certain factors, one should be careful in selecting the country that suits you to reach your goal. Never select a country based upon its sights or even for the chilling climate. Make sure that your objective helps you reach your destination. The country should be well known for its best quality of medical education. Try to choose the country based on its match of the disease pattern as per your native country.
  • One must choose the most reputable university, your choice does not make any sense if you select the university just to experience the lifestyle of that country. Get to know about the reputation of the University, once you are done selecting the destination, make a list of the top reputed universities. Check with the syllabus, infrastructure, accreditation, and curriculum of the university.
  • Look for the curriculum that allows you to choose your specialized niche, and do not deviate from your goals. Make proper research about the curriculum, enquire with the university or if there are any known people. Make sure to check with the syllabus of the chosen university, it plays a very important role in the long term because these universities shall have to help the students to clear FMGE. In reality, only 14% of the students have cleared the FMGE exam in the past few years. Students should be very careful and must beware of this factor.
  • Studying MBBS abroad is mostly like an investment, where at times it can be really expensive. Planning is all that can help you to keep the expenses within the limit. Some universities provide scholarships that can ease the burden. The other way is to approach the banks for the aid of money. Fortunately, many universities provide financial aid, make sure to check with the university. But whatever might be the medium it is important to plan the education within the budget.
  • Having chosen the university, the next big concern is regarding the accommodation. Certain universities provide accommodation facilities within the campus to ensure proper safety for the students. Though there are other available facilities just like renting out an apartment, or an off-campus hostel. But make sure your stay is connected to the university and allows you to spend time on academics and not for travelling.
  • Now comes the part of securing all the required documents and making travel plans. Travelling to distant countries are very expensive, it is important to plan your dates before and way before the actual date of travel. Get the things ready, and that you have enough time to collect your documents as well.
  • While you are all set to move ahead. The students must be ready to learn the new medium of communication, that is the language. English is known to be the International language. While most of the country has the English language as the medium of instruction, this comes as a plus point. Countries like China, Ukraine, and Russia have their respective languages as a medium of instruction which makes it difficult for the students to learn a new language and to interact with the patient. Before you leave the country, make sure you improve your Learning language.

Tips to Remember - While you study MBBS Abroad

Here are the tips to remember when you decide to study MBBS abroad. Make sure that you check all these factors before you make the right decision.

  • Whether the University is recognized by MCI
  • Establishment of Medical College
  • Ranking of the chosen Medical University
  • The university should have clinical rotation as a part of the curriculum
  • The Medical University must have its hospital
  • Enquire about the Tuition fee, scholarship, and if there are any instalment schemes.
  • The living expenses, food and accommodation facilities.
  • The mode of instruction should be in English
  • Duration of the course
  • Eligibility criteria for admission, and if you fit within the criteria
  • The Duration of the course, as the entire course, should range between 4-6 years.
  • Required Documents, and the procedure for Visa
  • Travelling expenses to that destination from your home country.
  • Cost of the Air-Ticket
  • Lifestyle and Culture of that particular country
  • National Language of the country
  • The climate of the country, also the climatic conditions must match that of your country.
  • Some of the universities may conduct English proficiency tests like IELTS, and the score should not be less than 6.5 for every category of candidates.
  • Be aware of the crime rate in the country, and how safe it is for girls who decide to study MBBS abroad.
  • The preliminary subjects should have Pharmacology, Microbiology, pathology, Community Medicine, Human Anatomy, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, and Forensic medicine.

Don'ts - While you study MBBS Abroad

  • Every university has its set of regulations and norms, be very careful while you choose to study MBBS Abroad and ensure that all of your essential requirements are satisfied.
  • Do not break the government rules and regulations while you travel abroad to study MBBS, one may land up in jail if they try to break the rules. Be aware of the set of basic rules before you travel.
  • Do not rely on the financial aid completely, calculate all the currency to fulfil the overall needs and have miscellaneous expenses in need.
  • Never choose the university based on someone's opinion, make a thorough investigation before you make the choice.
  • Beware of the fraud agencies, who manipulate to provide fake data.

Why is MBBS in Abroad gaining so much popularity?

MBBS in Abroad is getting very popular nowadays among young medical students. Students have so many advantages in studying MBBS abroad because of several factors like international exposure, globally recognized MBBS degree, cost-effective fee structure, etc. Also, admission is very hassle-free now, unlike the previous era. All the admission processes are done online, students will just have to fill in all the details on the university website. The Eligibility criteria are also pretty flexible. They have adopted technology-induced medical education and have made clinical rotation mandatory. Students learn medicine, deal with patients, get to communicate with the patients, and supervise the overall progress of the patient.

The Conclusion- “Tips to remember - While you study MBBS Abroad”

Numerous countries offer you to study MBBS abroad, but the final decision lies in the hands of the students, and their requirements shall match with the university norms. Studying MBBS Abroad has its pros and cons, as there are plenty of options available nowadays but one has to know every aspect of the future and shall prepare based on it.

MBBS in Abroad is one of the lucrative options for aspiring students. Learn how to optimize your career and make the MBBS study a productive one. MBBS in Abroad will be a great experience and makes you understand the nature of survival. To make the journey successful, students should make the right choice by considering all the “Tips to remember- While you study MBBS Abroad”.