Top 5 times Davao Medical School Foundation made ground-breaking advances in Medical Education

Top 5 times Davao Medical School Foundation made ground-breaking advances in Medical Education.


Medical science like any other branch of science is an ever-evolving field. Inventions, reinventions, discoveries and upgrades are available daily. It is not enough now to merely ape and adapt to the changing technologies. One needs to lead the way for change. Stay ahead of the curve. Failing to do so will make you obsolete and you will end up lagging behind the others. But triumph, and you shall prosper eternally.

Davao Medical School Foundation is emblematic of that progress. Adapting to the changing tides of time, Davao Medical School Foundation has been a leading example, an embodiment of world-class quality education powered by the desire to serve the community with quality education and healthcare facilities and accessibilities. From infrastructure to facilities, from student care programmes to community services and from experienced faculties and improved and interactive method of learning, Davao Medical School Foundation has established itself as a pioneer medical college setting the global standard of medical education.

Before we look at the top 5 contributions of Davao Medical School Foundation to the world of medical education, let us first understand the vision of DMSF that helped the college become a pioneer in medical education.


How Davao Medical School Foundation became a pioneer in the world of medical education?

Established in the year 1976, Davao Medical School Foundation was formed due to the lack of healthcare facilities in the Philippines. Founded by a group of community orienteers, Davao Medical School Foundation was a direct response to the need for improved medical facilities. Since then, Davao Medical School Foundation relentlessly strived towards building a world with immediate access to quality healthcare facilities. As reiterated in their rhetoric, Davao Medical School Foundation always aimed to provide low-cost high-quality medical education accessible across all the economic strata of our society. It was only in the late 90s when we stumbled upon the pioneer of medical education Dr David K Pilai and his vision to revolutionize medical education for all the students.

Top 5 medical education breakthrough by Davao Medical School Foundation:

First: World-Renowned Accreditations, Affiliations & Recognition

Davao Medical School Foundation has been over years a world-renowned name when it comes to medical education. The prestigious global institutions and organizations have recognised Davao Medical School Foundation for its quality and dedication to making medical education affordable. Davao Medical School Foundation has been approved, accredited and recognised by institutions and organizations like the World Health Organisation (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), FAIMER, PAASCU and many others.

Davao Medical School Foundation is the only medical school in the Mindanao Region of the Philippines. Hence, it is completely responsible for the medical advances that take place in that region. Davao Medical School Foundation because of its repute has earned top class affiliations with some of the world’s best hospitals where our students can go for clinical training and internship during the tenure of the course. This way, not only our students get to practice in real-life situations but also practice under able doctors and familiarize themselves with the latest technologies.

Second: Student Friendly Curriculum

We at Davao Medical School Foundation follow the American standard of Education. The curriculum is practical and clinical based mostly to give the students maximum exposure to hands-on practice. Each session is made interactive using the latest classroom technology. The course is structured in a way to help the students progress gradually for better understanding. Where the pre-med mainly focuses on brushing up your fundamentals, during the 3rd & the 4th years, students are made to experience the real-time scenarios at hospitals, handle patient care and guide them for better diagnosis. During this, we also simultaneously prepare the students for the competitive licensure examinations like FMGE and USMLE to help them in the latter stages of their career.

This has resulted in world-class achievements both from our students and from our staff.

Third: Clinical Rotations & Intense Clinical Exposure

Davao Medical School Foundation has a very intense clinical rotation programme for the students in their 3rd & 4th years of the course. With a patient to bed ratio as high as 4000:1, the students here get a lot of practice. Also, the Philippines and India have a very similar disease spectrum and hence the students from India can practice and gain a certain edge over others when these Foreign Medical Graduates come back to India.

The students during the 4rd & 4th years are sent to hospitals like Davao Doctors Hospital, San Pedro, Brokenshire Memorial etc where they get tremendous clinical exposure, at times, even better than the colleges in India.

Fourth: Simulation Mannequin

Davao Medical School Foundation was the first college in the Philippines to use Simulation Mannequin, state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose. This lab equipment can be made to simulate any living condition and then the students are asked to diagnose and treat the problem accordingly. The presets of the mannequins can be changed to replicate various illnesses. This mannequin helps the students to work on their diagnosis through trial & error which in the real world is not possible. With various such mannequins and along with other features like 3D Anatomage Table, Plastinated Models, Virtual Reality & more, Davao Medical School Foundation has made progress in leaps and bounds in medical education.

Fifth: Low-Cost & High-Quality Education

Despite all the facilities, gadgets, methods of teaching etc, Davao Medical School Foundation finds its certain value in making education accessible to all. Healing skills should be learnt by all. We all need more and more healers. And to do, the foundation thought it was the right decision to keep the expenses and fee as minimum as possible without compromising on the quality. DMSF with its sustainable model of medical education has been a leading example for others tofollow.

Davao Medical School Foundation continues to inspire and revolutionise medical education even today. You too can join this revolution and make ground-breaking advances. Join us today.