Update from Dr David K Pillai for MD students of the 2019 batch who are awaiting their transition to the DMSF campus

Update from Dr David K Pillai for MD students of the 2019 batch who are awaiting their transition to the DMSF campus

Held on 7th June’21 at 04:30 PM, Dr David K Pillai has addressed the students of 2019 Batch who are awaiting their transfer to the DMSF campus to study MBBS in the Philippines. At the very onset, Dr Pillai welcomed the students, inquired about their wellbeing and addressed their concerns one by one.

To begin with, the major concern for all of us is to wait and see how the pandemic pans out in the coming months which will enable the authorities to take a firm decision on the future of these students. But the administration of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd has ensured that while we wait for the pandemic to relax, it’s important that we simultaneously carry on with the curriculum via online classes. This will help the students lessen the impact of the pandemic on their academics. And with the whole world stagnated by this same crisis, it is unfortunate that our Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) are facing the brunt of it.

However, with that being said, the Covid-19 has been receding for a couple of weeks. And with a nationwide vaccination drive ongoing, it is expected that the pandemic will soon be over for good. Such relaxations can also be seen from the Philippines govt. where they have allowed Special Resident Retiree Visa holders to travel from India and will very soon open the campus for the students as well. Also, only last week, DMSF has got the approval for conducting face-to-face classes but in a limited capacity which has been welcome news for all the students.

The international travel restrictions for FMGs have gained a lot of attention of late probably because of a large number of FMGs who are being stranded. Every year, India records around 40k FMGs of which 7k are enrolled into the medical colleges in the Philippines. DMSF itself holds about 3500 Indian students on the campus. The impending uncertainty that has loomed over the students has made it difficult for the students to plan accordingly. And this is exactly where Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd under the leadership of Dr Pillai come into the picture.

Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd in association with DMSF, has very alternatives options for classes and flexible schedules for the students so that they do not miss out on any kind of information, education and career development. And with the whole world faced with the same situation, the most accepted and widely used model for conducting classes for FMGs are through Online Classes. Until and unless, the students will be allowed to travel, online classes will be the only mode of teaching.

Dr David K Pillai has also informed the students about all the behind-the-scenes battle the administrators are fighting against the govt to help the foreign medical students with their mode of classes, VISA services, travel arrangements and FMGE 2021. Dr Pillai was pleased to announce that a group has been formed consisting of 500+ eminent personalities and have hired Kapil Sibbal to make their cause public and represent the FMGs in the courtroom for trials. The govt of India has already recognised the degree acquired through online classes and Dr Pillai and his team are working day & night to get the same recognition for the students studying MBBS. Apart from this, the association is also petitioning to govt for the relaxation of cut-off marks at FMGE and has asked the govt to reduce it from 150 to 110 to help the FMGs.

And lastly, Dr Pillai has urged all the students to get vaccinated at the earliest which is a mandatory requirement to travel internationally. Also, there has been a special provision made for the students who will be travelling abroad, to reduce the period between two dosages from 84 days to 28 days. For this, the students will be facilitated with a letter of acceptance from DMSF and an enrolment letter for the documentation required to register for the vaccine.

To conclude the meeting, Dr David Pillai has reminded the students to stay prepared for the Visa interview which will commence as soon as the embassies open. Students who have already completed their Visa procedures need not go through the same. And the time is approaching nearby when the students will be transferred to the Philippines campus of DMSF. And to ensure a safe transition, Dr Pillai himself has made sure all the facilities and hostel accommodations are sorted and ready for the students.

As we wait for the govt to lift the lockdown, let us stay safe, prepared and ready to travel.