Update on Covid Vaccine and Travel Restrictions for students aiming to pursue MBBS abroad

Update on Covid Vaccine and Travel Restrictions for students aiming to pursue MBBS abroad

Having completed almost a year since that draconian lockdown in one of the largest democracies in the world, 2021 saw a rapid response from India in containing the further spread of Covid-19 cases. With the announcement of two vaccines namely Covishield and Covaxin, India has been applauded by the rest of the world for rolling out two successful vaccines and making it available for countries all around the world. This comes much to the respite of the students who are looking to pursue their degrees outside India. Also, reiterating the travel restrictions in India and the Philippines, this is to prepare the students for the upcoming BS program for the academic session 2020-2021. This blog will help the students prepare accordingly for their arrivals on the Indian campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation keeping in par with travel restrictions and other Covid-19 guidelines.

Having inoculated around 7 lakh Indians, the Health Minister of India launched a dedicated campaign to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation. While most of the travel restrictions have been relaxed, the basic covid protocols are in check. Among those who have been inoculated, a provisional certificate will be allotted after the first dose and a final certificate after the final dose14 days later. Travellers must carry a Covid-19 Negative Test Report done within 48 hours of travel to avoid any kind of inconveniences.

What restrictions are in place for inter-state transportation In India?

With constant supervision and monitoring of the Covid-19 cases in India, it is safe to say that the case numbers are continuing to decrease throughout the country and the current healthcare capacity is sufficient to address the healthcare needs with ample availability of critical care bed space and numbers of a trained healthcare professional. Although interstate transportation has been made available, International Inbound travelling is still highly restricted. With India still at Level 4 in the CDC Travel Health Alert, International travels are yet to resume in full swing. Meanwhile, domestic travelling has been relaxed to a great extent. However, a few basic guidelines like the ones listed below are expected to be followed at all costs.

  • Practice Social distancing
  • Cleaning and washing hands with Soap, Water and Sanitizers
  • Wearing Masks
  • Avoid Overcrowding
  • Avoid poorly ventilated areas
  • Regular Thermal Checks
  • Avoid Touching surfaces
  • Carry Covid-19 Negative Test Report done within 48 hours before travel.

With each state following their set of guidelines and protocols as per the situation, the students and travellers should check the state-wise rules and regulations as cited by the government of India. With the vaccines being mainly used and administered on healthcare and frontline workers, it is still waiting to be made available to the general public. Hence, every individual is expected to adhere to personal hygiene standards and follow all the guidelines to the letter. Both international and domestic passengers are requested to submit a self-declaration form at least 72 hours before departure.

How will this affect our Date of Arrival at the Campus?

Davao Medical School Foundation in association with Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd always keep the student safety and well-being as the top priority. As allowed by the government, welcoming the new students of the BS program for the academic session 2020-2021 and resuming the face-to-face classes have been classified as the most important aspects. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu state governments have allowed limited functionality of schools and colleges thereby allowing DMSF and Transworld Educare to resume their academic programme on the campuses. Although the permission for dormitories was an initial concern, the CEO of Transworld Educare, Dr David K Pillai has tirelessly worked behind the scenes to get all the necessary permissions and facilities in place for the students.

One of the key considerations for this process was the Date of Arrival for each of the campuses.

Important Dates Chennai Campus Pune Campus
Date Of Arrival 5th Feb, 2021- 10th Feb, 2021 10th Feb, 2021 - 15th Feb, 2021
Start of Face-to-Face classes 10th Feb, 2021 15th Feb, 2021

The Date of Arrival for each campus has been set for five days. This is mainly done to invite students in a small batch to avoid overcrowding on the campus. Each student will be allocated a date of arrival to complete their process of enrolment.

Another key point for students to keep in mind is to specify the number of people accompanying the student. Students must avoid travelling in large groups because of limited accommodation facilities due to Covid-19 and the outbreak of this pandemic. Life, in general, came to a standstill. And our college curriculum was no exception to this crisis. But now, as we look forward, the initial dates have been confirmed and we can look to regain normalcy.

Students are requested to carry their Covid-19 Negative Test Report without which entry will not be permitted. Also, carrying this report will ensure you do not get subjected to home-quarantine or institutional quarantine.

Restrictions on Travelling To The Philippines:

Malacanang has suggested that the newly imposed strict restrictions will deem to be enough to stem the entry both the original virus and the new variant and has seen fit to not extend the travel restrictions post 31st January 2021. Coming with the official announcement by the Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on 1st Feb’21, Roque declared that their capacity to treat the serious symptoms are adequate and hence wouldn’t be extending the travel bans. Having secured 148 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, the Philippines state officials and government seem very confident about their International travel approach.

The arriving passengers will have to undergo a Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) testing, five days after arrival unless the travellers show symptoms earlier than that. With a staple 14-day quarantine program to the Local Government Unit, the travellers and the students won’t have to undergo a tiring ordeal. Students and travellers are also requested to fill out a Case Investigation Online Form upon arrival.

Find more useful and specific instructions from the resources listed below:

As most of the protocols and restrictions have been eased off, students who are planning to visit the Philippines to continue their MBBS degree from Davao Medical School Foundation are requested to complete their Passport application process at the earliest with Pune Visa Services being currently open. It is highly recommended and advised that the parents must apply and complete the visa process well in advance to endure hassle-free travel and transition.

To know more about the announcement made by spokesperson Harry Roque on Covid-19 and travel restrictions, visithttp://dmsf.ph/Travelers-to-the-Philippines