What are the Benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation

What are the Benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation?

Do you get fascinated by human skeletons? Are you excited to learn about every inch of the human body, to know the name and size of every bone? You have landed in the right place to know where your dreams shall come true. Medical Studies shall help you experience your dreams. There are several benefits of studying MBBS, while it is not just limited to a high salary because science is beyond human knowledge. In today’s world, an MBBS degree is not just limited to your home country. The options for MBBS study abroad are wide and here we are to elaborate about what are the benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation.

Students studying MBBS Abroad shall get ample opportunity to apply for jobs in any part of the world. As they receive the certificate of completion of an MBBS degree they could practice anywhere in the world. That is how MBBS in Philippines is so popular among Indian students. There are several benefits of studying MBBS at the Davao Medical School Foundation. Let us list down the benefits of studying MBBS at the Davao Medical School Foundation.

Reason to study MBBS Abroad

Today MBBS Abroad is one of the most chosen options by the Indian students considering the very important factor of college fees. MBBS in Abroad is cost-effective when compared to private medical colleges in India. The entire MBBS course would cost about 20-80 lakhs, while the cost may vary as per the university. Here are the reasons to study MBBS Abroad

  • The cost-effective fee structure in medical colleges located abroad
  • MBBS admission is hassle-free nowadays.
  • There are no donation fees for student's study
  • Medical Seats are not limited
  • Global exposure for the students
  • Students gain practical knowledge
  • Students scoring fewer marks in NEET
  • Helps to develop an overall personality
  • Global recognition and opportunities
  • Scholarship based on performance in academics

In India, there is a huge gap between the number of aspirants and the number of medical seats available. Students must not get devastated and not try to give up on their goals. MBBS in Abroad is continuously emerging as a savior for all the medical aspirants who are strongly willing to pursue medicine. Out of several countries that offer to study MBBS, the Philippines happens to be the hub of medical colleges. Here are some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Philippines.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Philippines

  • Medical Colleges in the Philippines says no to donation fees
  • The tuition fees are very cost-effective for Indian students
  • They follow the US system of education
  • The living and accommodation expenses are very much affordable
  • The medium of instruction is the English language
  • About 1 out 10 medical professionals in America are the ones graduated from the Philippines
  • They export the maximum number of medical graduates to the world
  • The MBBS degree comes with great cultural diversity within the campus
  • They prepare the students for the USMLE exam
  • The quality of education and the educator is superior
  • There is no need to learn a new language, the English language shall be sufficient

Davao Medical School Foundation

One of the top-performing medical colleges in the Philippines is Davao Medical School Foundation. It offers world-class medical education at an affordable cost. It is among the first medical colleges in the Philippines to introduce modern technology in its teaching. The campus includes smart classrooms, simulation labs, a 3D Anatomy dissection center, sports facilities, conference halls, a 24/7 modern library, and many other facilities to make the International students feel comfortable within the campus.

What are the Benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation?

  • There is no donation or any other capitation fees
  • DMSF offers world-class education at an affordable cost
  • There are hostel facilities within the campus
  • Along with 24/7 security, there is Indian food available for the students
  • The institution is very recognized by MCI and WHO
  • One of the safest cities, that helps students to focus on their studies
  • The English language is used as a medium of instruction
  • There is an advanced learning methodology in Davao Medical School Foundation
  • Students will have to go through clinical rotation in the final year
  • High passing percentage in MCI screening test

Here are other advantages of choosing MBBS in Philippines

Similar Tropical climate to that of India

  • The tropical climate in the Philippines is very similar to that of India.
  • Indian students feel at home in the Philippines due to the climate
  • Students get to adapt to the lifestyle very easily
  • Compared to other cold countries, students are very comfortable studying MBBS in Philippines

Similar pattern of disease

  • Since India and Philippines have similar tropical climates, they share similar disease pattern
  • This helps the students who wish to practice medicine in India
  • The transition from Philippines to India is quite easy when compared to other countries

Largest English Speaking country

  • The medium of teaching and medium of instruction is in English
  • Indian students find it very easier to communicate with the lecturers and professors
  • Students will not have to learn a new language
  • There is no need to clear entrance exams like TOEFL.

For the Indian students, in particular, there are several benefits of studying MBBS at the Davao Medical School Foundation. Low-tuition fees, American-based MBBS syllabus, and MCI recognition. With all these benefits mentioned above, students choose to study MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation.

What are the aspects that the students must look for while studying MBBS Abroad?

While the reason might vary, here is the list of common factors/ aspects that the students must look for :

  • Check out the cost of study for the entire course
  • The chosen college must be approved by the Medical Council of India
  • The infrastructure of the college must be good, well-equipped with laboratories
  • The reviews for the medical colleges must be checked, regarding the facilities, hostel stay, laboratories, etc
  • The chosen college must accept students who have cleared the NEET examination.
  • Above all this, do your research to make the correct choice

With all the above-listed factors, DMSF falls into these categories for the students who aspire to study MBBS Abroad. DMSF provides medical education at a very affordable cost. The infrastructure includes a hospital, labs, and hostel facility within the campus. DMSF not just offers medical education for students who top the NEET examination, it provides admission for students with low NEET scores.

DMSF highly focuses on quality education, thereby it has introduced several technologies like 3D simulation labs, Anatomage table, smart classrooms, etc. The institute strives to provide the best facilities and it lies in the hands of students to utilize this opportunity and give back their service to society.

What are the Benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation?

There are many challenging factors for the students who opt to study MBBS Abroad. As there are many aspects that the students must look into before joining the medical institute of their choice. Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Philippines considering the several advantages that were listed earlier. Indian students look at the benefits of studying MBBS at the Davao Medical School Foundation, thereby making it very popular among the MBBS aspirants here in India.

With a legacy of 44+ years in the field of medical education, Davao Medical School Foundation provides world-class education at a very affordable cost. The hi-tech technology makes the journey of these MBBS students an international quality. The MBBS graduates from Davao Medical School Foundation have shown a high passing percentage in screening tests conducted in India by MCI. With more than 125 faculty members, DMSF fulfills the dreams of many MBBS aspirants.

There are several benefits of studying MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation; these factors make it the most trustable college among Indian students. We turn your dreams into reality.