Why DMSF excels at FMGE?

Why DMSF excels at FMGE?

Davao Medical School Foundation Philippines is one of the recognized universities for Indian students aspiring to practice medicine, established in the year 1976 in the Mindanao region of Davao city. The university attracts a lot of medical aspirants wishing to study medicine abroad. While the college provides quality education for students, the university needs to help the students clear the FMGE screening test. DMSF provides coaching to medical students to face the erstwhile MCI screening test, now conducted by the National Board of Examinations associated with Transworld Educare for reaching the ultimate destination.

Over 15 lakhs students are appearing for NEET-UG, whereas the seats available are 80,000-83,000. While the fees in private colleges exceed 80 lakhs, it is difficult for the parents to offer this fee for medical colleges. In such cases, they opt to study abroad which benefits them with quality education and low-cost fees.

Davao Medical School Foundation(DMSF)

Davao Medical School Foundation(DMSF)

The slow and steady rise in the number of Indian students studying medicine in DMSF is increasing yearly. The Davao Medical School Foundation successfully produces 3500+ students every year, also helping them with jobs all over the world. Also, the university is allied with various hospitals like San Pedro Hospital, Broken Shire Memorial Hospital, and Southern Philippine Medical Center as the students need to get their training beforehand.

The Philippines is one of the highest English-speaking countries in the world, which makes it easier for Indian students as they do not have to spend valuable time learning a foreign language. The total duration of the course is 5.8 years along with the pre-medical training program.

Now, check the official website of Davao Medical college in the link provided www.dmsf.ph

Why DMSF excels at FMGE?

Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American Standard of Education, making it easier for the students to acquire overall knowledge for their survival in any of the countries across the globe. The foundation comes with the cherry in the icing for the students to qualify for the MCI screening test. DMSF has been associated with Transworld Educare to help the students crack FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) conducted by the National Board of Examination(NBE) in India. The NBE-FMGE is the examination that is conducted to issue licenses for foreign medical graduates to practice medicine in India. The foreign returns have to take up the MCI screening test which is mandatory.

Davao Medical School Foundation has a long-term and fruitful association with Transworld Educare under the leadership of Dr David K Pillai and this prosperous association has led to the foundation of two campuses in India known for their Pre-med training, FMGE and NEET coaching programs. The institutes are namely:

  • The Pune Campus of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd.
  • Kings International Medical Academy(KIMA), Chennai

Davao Medical School Foundation(DMSF)- NEET, Pre-Med and FMGE coaching

Though the entire course duration is 5.8 years, the first part consists of Pre- Medical training for about 1 year and four months and the second part for 5 years and 4 months, while the Pre-Medical course will be completed in India on any of the campuses mentioned above which are registered under Davao Medical School Foundation. The second part of the MD course will be continued in the DMSF campus, Philippines.

Transworld Educare, Pune

The campus is located in Hadapsar, Pune. They are known for pre-med training, NEET, and FMGE coaching classes with well-equipped infrastructure that has hands-on experience in coaching the students. They improve the personality and skills of the students and prepare them well to set the right foundation.

Kings International Medical Academy, Chennai

The academy is located in the ECR, Mamallapuram, Chennai. They have provided outstanding contributions to Davao Medical School with a high passing percentage medical academy in India. They focus on all aspects like problem-solving, subject-wise preparation for NEET and FMGE exams, also they focus on pre-med training courses.

Davao Medical School Foundation- Highlights and College Ranking

 DMSF’s outstanding performance at FMGE

The college has attained 6th rank among the top medical colleges located in the Philippines. The passing percentage of DMSF students in the FMGE screening test between the years (2012-2017). There were approximately 970 students who appeared in the FMGE exam which is quite higher than other countries like Russia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, China, Nepal, etc.

In the year 2019, DMSF attained the top position in the ranking, as 6 students were ranked in the Top 10. DMSF provides outstanding quality of education when compared to medical education in various other countries. The overview of Davao Medical School Foundation is detailed below:

Name of the College Davao Medical School Foundation, Davao Medical school, DMSF
Establishment 1970
Total number of medical seats 600
Education fee INR 3,50,000 (approx per year)
Living Expenses INR 16,000-20,000(per month)
Language Medium English
Duration of the course 5.8 years
Type of Institution Private
Accommodation facilities Individual hostel for boys and girls
Food available Indian food

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) Coaching- DMSF

The Medical Council Of India(MCI) conducts a screening test for the medical graduates from foreign countries known as FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) conducted by NBE (National Board of Examination). As this came as an obstacle to the students to practice medicine in India, Davao Medical School Foundation joined hands with Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd and Kings International Medical Academy to provide training for such examinations.

  • DMSF- FMGE Coaching sessions: They offer one-on-one coaching to the students to help them understand the concept. They break the complex solutions into simpler parts.
  • Mode of class: As per the DMSF-FMGE coaching, the classes are set to be conducted both online and offline mode, with the help of tutorials students shall solve any underlying problems.
  • Flexible Timings: DMSF provides flexible class timings and schedules for the student's convenience. Makes it easier for planning their preparation time.
  • Course Structure: The syllabus consists of a detailed course structure that provides equal weightage to all the subjects. It is structured constructively to dedicate itself to the FMGE course.
  • Technology-based Labs: FMGE is not just about theoretical questions, it consists of two parts. Part-A consists of MCQ’s and Part-B consists of clinical subjects. DMSF provides extensive training for the students to make it easy.
  • Experienced Faculties: DMSF in association with the institution has experienced faculties to train the students. The faculties are subject experts which help the students with personal evaluation. They help the students individually for doubt clarification and career counseling as well.
  • Quality Study Material: They offer High quality and detailed study material for FMGE. They have about 1000+ online modules that help students with exam preparation. They offer sample papers that help for practice, followed by the previous year's question papers.
  • Daily Mock Test: To improve the efficiency of the students, they conduct daily mock tests on the topic conducted for the day. By doing this students may get a clear idea about the concepts they are lacking in.
  • Performance Analysis: Based on the mock test conducted, students' performance analysis will be done. This will help the students to perform better in the exam.
  • Subject Wise Weightage: The students will have two sections in the exam, as well the subjects will have different weightage. DMSF allocates the time based on the weightage of subjects which helps them to score better.
  • Revision on high yield topics: Repeated revisions are conducted on the high yield topics. These are quite crucial topics that help to score high in the exam, while it requires a lot of revision. DMSF concentrates on such high-yield topics.
  • FMGE Exam Pattern and latest update: Along with the quality education and training the students individually, they ensure to keep the students updated regarding the exam pattern and the latest update on the exam.


In association with Transworld Educare, DMSF has been able to score the highest percentage in the MCI screening test among various other colleges. With the two campuses in Chennai and Pune, they have maintained their consistency, which has never gone below 85%.

The students have performed consistently to seek the No.1 rank in the exam. In the year 2019, 7 students among the Top 10 ranks were from DMSF. In 2021, DMSF had a whopping pass percentage of 85%, while 60 students managed to score above 200.

Now, let’s have a look into the records set by DMSF in FMGE

Details-FMGE results ALL INDIA 2018 DMSF-2018
Total Appeared 9274 202
Passed 2411 165
Pass Percentage 26% 82%
Details-FMGE results ALL INDIA 2019 DMSF-2019
Total Appeared 13,364 435
Passed 2767 356
Pass Percentage 20.70 82%
Details-FMGE results ALL INDIA 2020 DMSF-2020
Total Appeared 17789 671
Passed 1697 483
Pass Percentage 9.53% 71.9%

With the growing records every year, DMSF will set new records in the coming year making the college the most successful one. The year 2021 completes 13 years of DMSF for its consecutive success result in the exam.

Why does Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) excel at FMGE- The summary

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) has enabled medical aspirants to reach their dreams with the evolution of medical education. DMSF has been associated with the training Institution in India, to help students get their license to practice medicine by clearing NBE-FMGE. There is an increase in the graph of passing percentage of DMSF students as the students are well trained with FMGE-Coaching which includes online classes, flexible class timings, daily mock test experienced subject experts, campuses with high-end technology, etc. All these factors make DMSF the best college to excel at FMGE.

For more details, contact us at www.dmsf.ph to know more dial us at this toll-free number: 1800 547 3220