Why is BS compulsory for MBBS at DMSF

Why is BS compulsory for MBBS at DMSF?

Davao Medical School Foundation was established to meet the demands of medical professionals in the regions of Davao City. Davao Medical School Foundation is recognized by the Medical Council Of India (MCI) and WHO (World Health Organization). This comes as a major advantage for Indian students to practice medicine in their respective countries. Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American system of Medical Education, thereby BS is compulsory for students to complete the MBBS course.

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) offers the MBBS Course to international students in a 5 years degree program. The MBBS course structure is divided into two parts as BS+MD. The BS course might vary according to universities, but generally, it would take about 12-18 months of duration for the course to complete. Let us have a look at the details regarding the BS course.

What is a BS Course?

The BS program is the pathway for the direct medical course that allows the students to earn a BS degree which is followed by MD (Doctor of Medicine), students do not have to go for separate admission process to complete the medical degree

BS stands for Bachelors in science. In the Philippines, the duration of a BS course is generally about 12 months to 18 months. The BS course is mandatory for the students wishing to study MBBS in the Philippines. Students with other bachelor degrees such as BHMS, BAMS, BDS, BSC, and B.Pharmacy can get direct admission without studying BS Course in the Philippines.

For Indian Students

Students under the system of 10+2 and wishing to study MBBS in the Philippines need to complete a BS course before enrolling for an MD course in the Philippines. Indian students must study BS+MD Course for approximately 1-1.5 years and 4 years to complete the MBBS Degree.

For Philippine students

Students in the Philippines have to complete 10+4 years of school education and then the students are permitted to study MD courses if the individual wishes to pursue medicine.

Why is BS compulsory for MBBS at DMSF?

The Medical program in the Philippines facilitates dual degree courses as the education pattern in the Philippines follows the US Model of Medical Education System. Before getting into the Medical degree, one has to get a degree in Science which is a BS course. Students with MD degrees in the Philippines can practice medicine all over the world.

The outcome of BS Course

  • The BS Course deals with various facets of research and introduces both experimental knowledge and theoretical knowledge in the field of Science.
  • By doing the BS course students gain advanced knowledge within an accelerated time frame.
  • It reduces the stress of application form, there are no separate applications to study MD courses.
  • It reduces the cost and time efficiently, as it allows the students to learn in advance and no other application cost.

The pre-medical program is the entry program for the Medical Universities in the Philippines, BS course acts as the primary structure to the MD course. While MBBS in the Philippines is a combination of BS courses and MD ( Doctor of Medicine).

The essential skills and traits that will help the student to succeed with this course are:

  • Critical Thinking - Must be able to analyze and synthesize the information.
  • Analytical Skill - Ability to understand the complexity of medical situations at times.
  • Communication Skill - It is one of the important aspects, verbally or in the form of writing one must communicate effectively.
  • Inclination towards Science - Wide knowledge is essential to understand the concepts
  • Observation Skill - Students must be able to demonstrate certain skills through observation.

Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American System of Education, where the MBBS course is divided into two parts such as the BS program and MD program. Let us discuss this in detail.

Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation, DMSF is ranked among the top as per the Philippines Physician Licensure Examination with a passing percentage of more than 95% in consecutive years. DMSF is highly recognized by the highest organizations such as MCI, WHO, ECFMG, etc.

DMSF is one of the esteemed medical universities located in the Philippines, with several years of experience in providing quality education it still emerges as the best medical college. Now, let us look at the course structure at Davao Medical School Foundation and how it retains the standard of quality education.

Why is BS compulsory for MBBS at DMSF?

You are now aware of the fact that DMSF follows the American Standard of Education that induces both practical and clinical-based education as a part of its curriculum. Students get to have maximum exposure and hands-on experience. Each session is made interactive that uses the latest technology, and the MBBS course is structured in such a way that students progress for gradual understanding.

The BS course (pre-med course ) primarily focuses on brushing up on the fundamentals of basic science. The academic MBBS course at DMSF offers the following courses:

  • BS (Bachelor of Science) - The BS program is a graduate program in science. It is a pre-medical course to study MD in the Philippines. The course is distributed for 1-1.5 years.
  • MD Programs - In the 4-year medical program students are given knowledge about medical practice and clinical exposure. During the last year of the medical program, students will have to go through one year of clinical rotation.

Syllabus for BS Programme

The BS program consists of four-term:

First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term
Calculus and Analytical Geometry Plant Physiology Ecology Rizal’s Life Works, and writings
Biochemistry Fundamentals of Genetics Education for sustainable development Econ/Taxation and Agrarian Reforms
Plant Morpho- Anatomy Animal Physiology Research Methodology Human Genetics
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Entomology Freshwater Biology Systematic Biology Radiation Biology
General Physiology General Microbiology Cell and Molecular Biology Histology and Microtechnique
Parasitology Philosophy of Man Comparative Religion Research in Bio.Sc
Evolutionary Biology Developmental Biology Politics and governance/ Phil. Const Immunology

DMSF in association with the Indian campuses provides pre-med coaching to its students. DMSF has more than 3500+ students who have completed the MBBS course. Over the years DMSF has extended its help to Indian students by establishing two campuses in India, and those are:

  • Transworld Educare- Pune Campus
  • Kings International Medical Academy- Chennai Campus

Transworld Educare- Pune Campus

The Pune campus is specialized in pre-medical (BS Course) training, FMGE, and NEET Coaching. The campus includes state-of-the-art facilities, residential learning, and many other facilities. They train the students for clinical trials and help them to have hands-on experience preparing them for the medical field. The students are prepared for the transition of a 4-year medical course.

Kings International Medical Academy- Chennai Campus

They are well-known for their outstanding contribution in coaching students for pre-medical (BS Courses). The faculties help the students to solve problems, conduct mock tests regularly, identify the critical part of the problem and help them in analyzing the topic. KIMA is the prime centre for the pre-medical course of Davao Medical School Foundation.

Why is BS compulsory for MBBS at DMSF? - The Conclusion

Davao Medical School Foundation, DMSF is one of the reputed colleges in the Philippines trusted by many Indian Students. While most of the candidates prefer to study MBBS in the Philippines due to its fee structure and affordability of fee cost. DMSF is one such medical college approved by the government in the Philippines known as CHED (Commission of Higher Education that provides high-quality education at low cost.

Davao Medical School Foundation provides medical education to its students through the practical method of learning. They get to learn the subjects through practical learning techniques. The students will be awarded an MD degree after the completion of the course.

Davao Medical School Foundation follows the American Education System that is why a BS course is compulsory to study MBBS at DMSF. The education system helps students to have clinical rotation in the final year as the students are permitted to diagnose and interact with the patient. They provide effective training through practical classes.

For aspiring medical students to pursue a medical degree in the Philippines, students will have to complete a BS course before taking up an MD course. To experience the practical knowledge in the field of medicine at Davao Medical School Foundation, visit our website now for admission: www.dmsf.ph, or call us at:1800 547 3220, or you can even initiate chat for counselling, visit now: https://bit.ly/3AVmZm6