World Health Day 2022: DMSF emphasizes our planet, our health

World Health Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April, to draw the attention of people all over the world toward health concerns. This day aims to create awareness of health themes, and also highlights the area of concern of WHO ( World Health Organization). World Health Day happens to be a global campaign that invites global leaders from all over the country to focus on the global impact of a single health concern. Also, it focuses on the new, existing, and emerging health issues around the globe. DMSF grabs this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for people’s well-being.

World Health Day is an initiative to begin collective action for protecting people’s health. April 7th not only marks World Health Day but also marks the anniversary of WHO. Every year they celebrate World Health Day with a theme. The theme for this year is Our Planet, Our Health. The World Health Organization initiated this awareness for health and health-related concerns. It helps people around the world to deal with these concerns.

World Health Day - History

It was first convened by WHO (World Health Organization) in the assembly in 1948. This was later established as World Health Day. World Health Day was celebrated first on April 7th, 1950. The main aim was to raise awareness about health-related topics and to highlight the concern through the World Health Organization. WHO organizes several international, regional, and local events that are related to the theme. World Health Day is acknowledged by government and non-government organizations with the concern of health issues, also the media helps to highlight these organizations and their activities.

World Health Day - Significance

  • According to WHO, the very first assembly was held in 1948.
  • It was begin to raise awareness globally on the health issue, considering different themes and addressing different problems every year
  • It is celebrated every year on April 7th.
  • WHO makes use of the opportunity to conduct long-term programs and activities to bring awareness to the respective theme of the year.
  • It is said that about 61 countries have signed for the inception of the World Health Organization (WHO)

World Health Day 2022 Theme

The theme for World Health Day 2022 is “ Our Planet, Our Health”. The biggest threat amidst the pandemic is the climate crisis. The burden of pollution has impacted the increase of chronic diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart diseases which shall result in extreme health crises. The theme made this year shall help to construct attention over the global health issues. It helps to ensure the overall well-being of a healthy planet.

WHO primarily focuses on immediate actions to be taken that will be required to keep humans and the planets healthy concerning the theme this year.

How does DMSF emphasize “Our Planet, Our Health”?

DMSF, Davao Medical School Foundation is currently one of the top-performing medical institutes located in the Philippines. DMSF not just focuses on building its empire and limits its wings in building the medical profession for tomorrow. The institute is very much concerned about public well-being and is ready to serve its medical needs. That is how the medical institution came to light.

DMSF is very much keen on emphasizing the theme of World Health Day for the welfare of people. For achieving the goal of health concerns, DMSF would want to address the issue of:

  • Reducing the harm caused by tobacco consumption
  • Recovery of Adult smokers post the Covid-19
  • Impact of the pandemic on the cardiovascular respiratory systems
  • Access to health care
  • Urgent actions on keeping the planet healthy by reducing the usage of plastics

World Health Day - Burden on Environment

There are about 13 million deaths every year, due to environmental causes. It is the estimation by WHO, that more than 90% of people are being exposed to unhealthy air due to fossil fuels. Many other social causes drive the health crisis

Apart from the health crisis of burning fossil fuels, the pollution in the air and plastics shall destroy the food chain that shall accumulate on the soil beds in forests and mountains. With the leading intake of processed food and an unhealthy lifestyle are leading to obesity and cancer.

Facts on the Health Crisis

On World Health Day 2022, DMSF emphasizes the theme “ Our Planet. Our Health '', to address the health crisis this year, includes the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as several recovered patients are suffering from respiratory problems as the post-Covid-19 symptoms. WHO is keen on focusing on these health crises with similar other health concerns, and DMSF has taken the initiative to address the increasing chronic disease and the welfare of the public. Here are the facts on the health crisis that we are facing today:

  • The increase in pollution is having a huge impact on climate change, which is causing a severe threat to humans with diseases like asthma, cancer, and heart disease
  • This is also leading to several other water-borne diseases like Dengue.
  • About 3.6 billion people around the world lack safe toilets, human wastes that are untreated which is resulting in the degradation of the ecosystem and this affects the human health
  • 2 billion people lack the right to drink safe water globally. Attempt to protect our water source by preventing sewage and wastewater from entering freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  • As per the statistics, about 8,29,000 roughly die from diarrhoeal disease due to poor sanitation and polluted water
  • About 2 million people are at the risk of dengue disease, this is purely because of the rising temperature and floods that are caused due to climate change.
  • The emission of Nitrogen dioxide is aggravating respiratory diseases like asthma.
  • Improper way of managing medical waste. The Needle sticks discarded cause Hepatitis B, C, and several other infectious diseases.
  • The emission of burning fossil fuels has increased the number of cancer patients around the world.
  • Tobacco is highly addictive, every year it happens to kill 8 million people. One of the major risk factors for cancer, and heart and lung disease is because of the consumption of Tobacco.
  • Apart from the deaths occurring due to the consumption of tobacco, about 600 million trees are chopped to make these 6 trillion cigarettes. This not only affects the people consuming tobacco but also pollutes the air that we breathe. Use this World Health Day as an opportunity to quit smoking and say no to tobacco.
  • Growing tobacco plants harm the environment, which in turn affects the planet.
  • A well planned public transportation, including cycling, shall improve the quality of air, thereby nature shall give back us the quality of life, this also has several gains
  • Let's take this initiative to address all the issues and make changes for the betterment of healthy life, and nature gives us back clean water and clean air for our survival.

World Health Day 2022: DMSF emphasis on our planet, our health

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7th. To promote and create awareness about the health concerns globally, to voice out for general health and well-being. According to WHO, the definition of health includes human happiness and well-being. Health here just does not address physical health, it includes mental and social health. An individual with all these factors shall be considered healthy. As DMSF emphasizes our plant, our health would want to highlight and appreciate the contribution of nurses and midwives during the pandemic.

The impact of Covid-19 was not just on health, but also on the physical and mental well-being of adults as well as children. With the schools remaining closed, kids were not allowed to step out. Still, its effects linger around, while some are still trying to recover and come over it. But we shall slowly change the struggle for a better life, remember you're not alone.

Good Health provides Good life. It is very important to make the change today. We, along with DMSF emphasize the change and put it into practice together.