Are you curious about the Fees structure of DMSF to study in the Philippines?

Are you curious about the Fees structure of DMSF to study in the Philippines?

 In recent times, the Philippines has emerged as a popular destination for students who wish to pursue an MBBS degree. Among the top medical colleges in the Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) stands out as the best option. Students who are considering enrolling in DMSF may want to know about the facilities available at the college, as well as the fee structure. If you are also curious to learn about these details, keep reading!

A brief introduction about DMSF

 Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) is renowned for offering high-quality education at a relatively low cost compared to other countries and private medical colleges in India. This means that students who enroll in DMSF can expect to receive a top-notch education. The college is committed to providing excellent medical education to students from all backgrounds. By keeping their fees reasonable, DMSF ensures that students who have a passion for medicine can pursue their dreams without being held back by financial constraints. DMSF offers a unique combination of affordability and quality that makes it an attractive option for aspiring medical professionals.

Fees structure for MBBS (MD)

PRE-MED   Enrollment Fees – Rs. 2,50,000
  Course Fees - Rs. 3,50,000
1st year   1st Semester - $ 4100
  2nd Semester - $ 4100
2nd year   1st Semester - $ 2550
  2nd Semester - $ 2550
3rd year   1st Semester - $ 2550
  2nd Semester - $ 2550
4th year   1st Semester - $ 2550
  2nd Semester - $ 2550
5th year   One Semester - $ 2550

Accommodation + Room Rent + Electricity Bill + Water Charges + Complementary Wi-Fi + Food Charges (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as per the Menu) – Rs. 12,500 / month

Documentation, Visa, Ticket and other Services as per the list (A) – Rs. 1, 50,000

Note: The fee for one year internship will be discussed during the time of internship and the fees would be less than one year fee.

   This is the fees structure of DMSF. We advise you to approach a good consultant for help. Admissions are open right now. Contact 1800 833 7707 to join.