Can studying MBBS abroad be a cost-effective option for Indian students?

Can studying MBBS abroad be a cost-effective option for Indian students?

 MBBS is a popular and expensive course in India, with limited seats in top colleges, making it highly competitive. However, studying MBBS abroad can provide opportunities for Indian students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. Countries like the Philippines, USA and UK offer quality medical education.

Top 5 reasons to study MBBS abroad

1. Cost-effective option:

 Studying MBBS abroad is a cost-effective option compared to studying in private colleges in India, as it offers a more affordable fee structure that covers tuition fees, hostel fees, and other expenses for the entire MBBS program.

2. Admissions:

 Most foreign countries offer a large number of seats in numerous medical colleges, which is in contrast to India, where medical colleges have limited seats and high competition for admission. Moreover, foreign countries do not have country entrance tests or NEET cut-offs for admission.

3. No Donation / Capitation Fee:

 Unlike in India where many colleges ask for high donation fees along with tuition fees, foreign universities offering MBBS do not ask for donations or capitation fees for admission. They only charge the tuition fee without any additional costs.

4. High-quality education:

 Studying MBBS abroad offers high-quality education, as foreign countries have world-class medical colleges that provide excellent facilities, experienced faculty and modern teaching methods to ensure students receive a comprehensive medical education. Foreign universities offering MBBS have global recognition as they are approved by various medical bodies, including WHO, NMC, etc.

5. Career opportunities:

 Studying MBBS abroad provides students with the opportunity to work globally as foreign universities offer a globally recognized degree. Additionally, they provide FMGE coaching to Indian students, enabling them to practice medicine in India after qualifying the exam.

MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines

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