Update on Class XII board exam assessment

Class XII Assessment will be based on marks of Class X, XI & XII: Learn how you will be assessed.

18th June’21, Friday: The Central Board of Education (CBSE) earlier this month announced the scrapping of the Class XII exams. Although the news has been graciously accepted by the students, immediate concerns were raised as to how the students of Class XII be assessed, what will be eligibility criteria of the colleges for admissions and so on.

Over the past weeks, various govt officials & administrators have been in continuous deliberation as to what could be the best way to allot marks to the students of Class XII. Various options were suggested like considering the previous year’s result of Class IX, X & XI for the final assessment, congruent methods to keep the scoring not only based on the performance of the students but the schools as well and so on.

On 17th June’21 (Thursday) the Central Govt. informed the Supreme Court that CBSE has adopted the 30:30:40 formula for the evaluation of Class XII marks based on the results of Class IX, X & XI respectively. It has been confirmed that the proposal delineates that only the final exams of Class X & XI will be considered whereas, for Class XII, the pre-boards conducted by the schools will be considered. As per the proposal, 30% weightage has been given to the final exam of Class X & XI and 40% weightage will be given to the pre-board exam of Class XII.

The Central Board has issued a notification on 4th June’21 earlier this month which was presided by the CBSE’s controller of examinations Sanyam Bhardwaj along with the other 12 esteemed members of the committee, including Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education and senior IAS officer Vipin Kumar. The committee will be responsible for assessing, promoting and marking the Class XII students.

To read the official notice, click here.