How is the clinical rotation of Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines

How is the clinical rotation of Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines?

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the leading educational institutes in the Philippines. The medical college was founded in the Mindanao city of Philippines, in 1976. Davao Medical School Foundation primarily focuses on producing the best healthcare professionals in the world. The students at Davao Medical Foundation School have an unmatched clinical exposure as they are subjected to clinical rotation which is a part of their course.

For the students preferring to study MBBS in the Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation has been at the forefront for the Indian students in providing the best medical education. DMSF has the highest passing percentage in the screening examination conducted in India. Davao Medical School Foundation has incorporated the latest technology in its learning method.

Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation has been one of the top choices for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines. The founders have drawn the best faculty from all over the world to teach the students. There are about 2400 students who have completed the course successfully and are practising as medical professionals in India.

The infrastructure of the DMSF campus is integrated with Simulation Mannequins stations, 3D Anatomage table, fully equipped laboratories, hostel campus with Indian food, and many more in the list of facilities.

Accreditation of Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation is recognized by world-renowned organizations like WHO, MCI, CHED, and ECFMG.

  • Medical graduates that are interested in practising medicine in the USA, must have qualified in USMLE, which is conducted by ECFMG. DMSF is one of the approved colleges by ECFMG
  • One of the specialized agencies of the USA is WHO ( World Health Organization) which is concerned with public health. DMSF is listed by WHO for providing the best healthcare management.
  • For education, the Philippines government has set up an organization called Community on Higher Education (CHED). It is certified as an institution that covers both public and private educational institutions.
  • Medical Council India (MCI) grants accreditation to DMSF for the medical practitioners from the medical institution. The candidates from DMSF can practice medicine in India only after the screening test conducted by MCI.

One of the most important success criteria for the students at DMSF is the vast knowledge and clinical exposure that they gain in the final few semesters. Let's have a look at how students at DMSF gain clinical knowledge.

How is the clinical rotation of Davao Medical School Foundation in the Philippines?

Clinical rotation is referred to the practice of medicine during the medical course under the guidance of medical professionals. Clinical rotation helps the students to have clinical exposure before they step into the field of medicine. Clinical rotations are conducted during the final phase of the medical program.

The duration of the clinical program may vary as per the university, students get an opportunity to visit the clinic, hospitals to learn the practical method of handling the patient, providing them guidance and experience the life of a doctor.

Duties of a student during the Clinical Rotation:

  • The medical students shall assist the senior physicians during the rounds.
  • They must prepare an initial evaluation
  • Interaction with the patient
  • Understanding the health issues
  • Learning everything through observation, right from the use of medical syringes to conducting operations.

Davao Medical School Foundation helps its students to have a vast clinical exposure by including clinical rotations as a part of their curriculum. There are about five hospitals that are associated with the Davao Medical College, while the hospital is well equipped with multi-speciality facilities.

Below is the list of hospitals associated with Davao Medical School foundation for the clinical rotation of the students:

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

DMSF associated hospital: Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital (DMSF Hospital) is one of the well-renowned hospitals that has about 100 beds capacity to handle the patients. DMSF hospital is a four-story tertiary care hospital building. There are about 60 private rooms, each ward consists of about 24 beds, there are also two suite rooms and semi-private rooms. The glass curtains give a panoramic view of the city.

Southern Philippines Medical Center

DMSF associated hospital: Southern Philippines Medical Center

It is one of the government hospitals, Southern Philippines Medical Center works under the Department of Health of the Republic of Philippines. It was located in Davao City and was named Davao Medical Center, but was later changed to Southern Philippines Medical Center in 2009.

Davao Doctors Hospital

DMSF associated hospital: Davao Doctors Hospital

Davao Doctors Hospital is one of the privately-owned multi-speciality hospitals in the Philippines. It was founded in the year 1969, while today it is one of the largest hospitals with about 250 bed capacity in it. They provide specialization in various fields such as neurology, cancer, ophthalmology, digestive, and liver diseases.

San Pedro Hospital

DMSF associated hospital: San Pedro Hospital

San Pedro Hospital is a non-profit institution that cares for the poor in need. Also, they provide quality education and deliver high-quality healthcare to all.

Broken Shire Hospital

 DMSF associated hospital: Broken Shire Hospital

Broken Shire Hospital offers a wide range of specialities and services like Internal medicine, Family medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, and many more. Broken Shire Hospital meets the needs of patients with therapeutic medical equipment and state-of-art diagnosis.

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the most trusted medical colleges to study MBBS in Philippines. DMSF has provided quality education for several years and there was so much research in the field of medicine.

With about more than 4000 beds, DMSF introduces clinical rotations to its students in the final year. It helps the students to have hands-on practice with excellent clinical training. Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the first of its kind to have the most advanced techniques for precise learning methods.