Quality of Medical Education Abroad: DMSF and its exclusive features.

Quality of Medical Education Abroad: DMSF and its exclusive features.


Based on a survey conducted by the Education Development Programme, it was noticed that out of 127 students who were questioned, 95 students answered Quality is the most important aspect to why they choose to study medical education abroad. That amounts to almost 75% of the students who were surveyed.

It is not a surprising fact that students prefer a better quality of education. But what is intriguing is to know what makes the education of a college a trademark of quality. In this article, we will be exploring all the features of DMSF that enabled this institution to rank among the top medical colleges of the world and understand how these features enhance the quality of education the students are opting for.

The Quality of Education can depend on many factors. From campus staff to campus architecture and from security & administrative strongholds to neighbourhood & locality, each factor has a major contributing role to play for the quality of medical education. The more factors we consider, the more comprehensive the quality becomes. Below are the 5 major aspects on which DMSF upholds its quality medical education for all:

  • Efficient Manpower.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies.
  • Flourishing Localities.
  • Community Responsibilities.

Let us closely analyse each of these factors and their sub-factors to understand how Davao Medical School Foundation incorporates each of these factors to the optimum level to get the best out of each to render world-class quality medical education for all the students.

1. Efficient Manpower:

Human resources are the biggest asset for any organization. More so, when it comes to quality medical education. To ensure smooth and efficient administration of a medical college, it is important to delineate, compartmentalize and work on various agile methodologies for all its employees and staff. DMSF has been a standard model for all the colleges and universities in the Philippines. Manpower can be divided into various sub-groups, each with a crucial role and responsibility to play. From administrative departments to security personnel and from faculty to maintenance staff, Davao Medical School Foundation has placed people with experience and technical know-how at each level to ensure students get the best out of their medical education abroad.

Being a residential campus, yet another important set of manpower is the hostel staff, cooks and wardens. We have listed the various manpower employed to streamline the quality of medical education at DMSF.

a. Administrative: DMSF was founded by a group of community builders and healthcare workers to create a sustainable healthcare system in the Philippines. Hence, the administrators at Davao Medical School Foundation full-well understand the responsibility of managing a medical college. The administrators of Davao have global collaborations with quality medical education partners, affiliations with top medical institutions and have an excellent recall value among its peers.

b. Teachers, Professors & Faculties: Faculty is the backbone of every school, college and university. At DMSF, the faculties have years of working experience both as doctors and professors. The faculty roster has been built by scouting top educators from around the world and are known for their various published medical books which are popular among most of the colleges and their curriculum. The faculty at DMSF is second to none and surely improves the quality of medical education abroad.

c. Hostel Staff: DMSF is a residential campus. Over the past few years, DMSF has been the most preferred college for medical education abroad. Because of this growing influx, DMSF has hired dedicated Indian staff with dedicated Indian hostel and mess facilities. This helps the Indian students to settle in with ease in a foreign country without much hassle. Home-food and amiable hostel life are very important for the student to feel at home for the student to perform better.

d. Security Personnel: DMSF has a very active, stringent and vigilant security staff both for the campus and the hostels. They ensure that the students abide by all the regulations, follow strict discipline and keep them safely inside the campus and the hostel walls. The sense of security for a student is vital and cannot be compromised at any cost.

e. Maintenance Staff: With the Covid outbreak, the maintenance staff has been the hero of the hour with their regular disinfectant drives, sanitisation protocols and so on. At DMSF, we believe, the more the students feel safe & secure, the better the impact of the education.

2. Enhanced Infrastructure:

Infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining the quality of medical education. Medical education is progressing every second with innovations and advancements coming up every second. Hence, for a college to render quality medical education, it should reinforce its infrastructure from time to time.

Also, medical education is practical-based learning that requires state-of-the-art medical facilities, labs and classrooms for students to grasp the subjects easily. This is where DMSF ranks way higher when compared to other medical colleges abroad or in India. Apart from ensuring the education is top-notch, the college also has a very vibrant college life for the wholesome development of the students. DMSF has it all.

a. Fully-facilitated Classrooms: Classrooms are equipped with the latest Audio-Visual equipment along with Projectors & High-Speed Internet Connectivity.

b. Modern Labs: DMSF is the home to many sophisticated labs for the students to practice their skills. From Anatomy museums to Dissection chambers, DMSF has revolutionized medical education abroad.

c. Libraries: DMSF has one of the largest libraries in the Philippines. A repository of countless quality medical texts, bibliographies and references. Such libraries facilitate the students with direct access to quality study materials and are at their fingertips.

d. Team Learning Centres: The spacious team learning centres are exclusive to DMSF. These learning centres can help the students with self-study sessions or group study sessions as per their liking. It breaks away from the traditional form of teaching and provides a very unique way of learning.

e. Auditorium Halls: Home to countless seminars, guest lectures, annual day celebrations and graduation ceremonies, the auditorium halls of DMSF are a spectacle to behold in themselves. Such facilities help the students to participate in various interactive activities and sessions for a better learning experience.

f. Playing Areas: To inculcate healthy competition, promote good health and achieve a better balance between studies and life, DMSF has dedicated playing areas where students can relax, keep their health in check and develop comradery.

3. Cutting Edge Technologies:

Medical Education is constantly evolving because the field of medical science is always improving. Most of these improvements saw a sudden surge with the boom of technology. Hence, it is a no-brainer that the quality of medical education is a direct function of implementing the tech-based curriculum.

DMSF has no competitor when it comes to implementing a tech-based curriculum. DMSF has been the pioneer when it comes to using the latest technology to better the quality of medical education.

a. Simulation Mannequins: DMSF is the first college in the Philippines to use Simulated Mannequins. Recent advancement in medical education for clinical diagnosis and developing patient care. These mannequins can be simulated to represent any medical conditions and students can practice trial and error methods without any fear.

b. 3D Anatomage Table: 3D Anatomage table is another glorious addition of Davao Medical School Foundation into its practical-based curriculum. Students can learn and visualize the anatomy of a human body no with great details and absolute precision which one may not find in other colleges.

c. Plastinated Models: Sophisticated preservation of body tissues through Plastinated models provide a better insight into the understanding of human anatomy.

d. Virtual Reality: With AR/VR, DMSF has already stepped into the futuristic mode of medical education for all.

4. Flourishing Localities:

Being situated at the heart of the city, DMSF provides very good accessibility to all the major hubs of the city. With numerous hospitals within the vicinity, it becomes very easy for the students to complete their clinical rotations in the 3rd & the 4th years, a very important aspect of quality medical education. With top-class affiliations with Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, San Pedro Hospital and DMSF Hospital, students can enjoy a total bed strength of 4000 with a high patient to bed ratio. These neighbouring institutions enhance the medical training of the students thereby improving the overall quality of medical education abroad.

5. Community Responsibilities:

DMSF builds responsible doctors with the values to go out and help the communities with basic healthcare aids, Education without any value is meaningless. And hence, it is of utmost importance that while we teach the students of their skills, it is imperative they learn to implement them for the greater good of all. Only then, we can say the quality of medical education is good.

And as it stands, DMSF has a very good community outreach programme that enables it to be in the category of World-Class Quality Medical Education Abroad.