Reopening of DMSF campus to conduct limited face-to-face classes

Reopening of DMSF campus to conduct limited face-to-face classes

Since the pandemic, face-to-face classes at Davao Medical School Foundation was restricted like any other educational institution. Now, almost after a year and a half, the administrators of DMSF has got the green light to go ahead with resuming Face-to-Face classes but only in a limited capacity. Dated 30th April’21, The Commission of Higher Education has issued a certificate of authority whereby DMSF has been granted permission to reopen their face-to-face classes at their campus with a limited number of students and staff.

This applies to the courses such as Doctor of Medicine, BS in Nursing & BS in Midwifery programs. This grant has been allotted to Davao Medical School Foundation because of their exemplary and outstanding support in complying with the rules during the pandemic. Being a medical institution, the role of DMSF towards the community in aiding and increasing awareness has not gone unnoticed. It is because of this due diligence, CHED has granted access to DMSF to conduct face-to-face classes but with limited seats.

Also, following the basic Covid-19 protocols is of paramount importance and cannot be neglected at any cost. From regular disinfectant drives to regular thermal checks and sanitisation checkpoints, DMSF has always gone beyond what is to be expected.

The following notice is embodied in the Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2021 - 001, covering the second-semester Academic year 2020-2021 effective April 30, 2021, until the first semester of the Academic Year 2021-2022. To download the official notice, click here.

The notice also reiterates the need to maintain those covid protocols else the grant will be revoked. The failure to comply with any of the standard hygiene protocol will result in revoking the grant. The notice is duly undersigned by the Director himself, Maricar R Casquejo.

Finally, we can welcome you back to our world of quality medical education at Davao Medical School Foundation.