The cost of pursuing an MBBS abroad is at par or lower compared to private universities in India?

The cost of pursuing an MBBS abroad is at par or lower compared to private universities in India?

 MBBS, which stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is a highly desirable course in India as it is the main medical degree offered by medical colleges across the country. However, due to the NEET cut-offs, gaining admission to government medical colleges has become increasingly difficult. Private medical colleges charge fees that are exorbitantly high, making it challenging for many students to afford. As a result, obtaining an MBBS degree in India can be a costly endeavour, which can serve as a significant obstacle for many students.

 Studying MBBS abroad can provide Indian students with an opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. Many foreign universities offer high-quality medical education that is recognized globally. These universities have state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty and advanced medical equipment, which can provide students with a comprehensive learning experience.

 Moreover, the cost of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad can be comparatively lower than in India. Some countries like the Philippines and some other countries, have universities that offer MBBS degrees at a fraction of the cost of Indian colleges. In addition, some foreign universities offer scholarships to international students, which can further reduce the financial burden of studying abroad.

 Studying MBBS abroad also provides students with exposure to different cultures, languages and healthcare systems. This can broaden their perspective and help them develop a more global outlook, which can be beneficial for their career in the long run.

 However, before deciding to pursue an MBBS degree abroad, students must research the universities and countries thoroughly. It is essential to ensure that the university is recognized by the NMC and WHO and that the degree is valid in India.

 If you are considering pursuing an MBBS degree abroad, the Philippines could be an excellent choice. DMSF (Davao Medical School Foundation) in the Philippines offers high-quality education that is comparable to other countries but at a lower cost. Studying MBBS in DMSF can be an excellent opportunity for Indian students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.