Two Indian Campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation

Two Indian Campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation, established by the founders to provide basic healthcare facilities and world-class affordable medical education to rural communities was founded in 1976. Davao Medical School Foundation is the most preferred medical college to study MBBS in Philippines.

The total duration of the course is 5 years and 4 months, which has been divided into two parts. The pre-med training is for about 1 year and 4 months, which can be done in the registered Indian campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation.

With the rise of students from India, Davao Medical School Foundation has established its campus in India:

  • Transworld Educare- Pune Campus
  • Kings International Medical Academy- Chennai Campus

Two Indian Campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation

The prime challenges faced by Indian students are the availability of seats to study MBBS and the fee structure in Indian Medical College. Davao Medical School Foundation aims to neutralize the above-said issues faced by Indian students. The Association of Two Indian Campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation offers easy, direct, and hassle-free admissions to students at lost cost and minimum requirements.

The details of two Indian campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation are given below:

Transworld Educare, Pune Campus

Transworld Educare located in Pune is specialized in pre-med training which is part of the MBBS course, NEET, and FMGE Coaching. The facilities at Transworld Educare include state-of-the-art facilities and residential learning. Transworld Educare, one of the Indian campuses of Davao Medical School Foundation is well known for its clinical exposure and hands-on experience in terms of coaching. Transworld Educare upholds its standard of excellence.

The classrooms are capacious and well stretched to occupy students, immaculate infrastructure and faculties at Transworld Educare are super friendly by making it very comfortable for their students. They build the basics very strongly so the student feels confident enough to face the future. The students are well prepared for the transition of the 4-year course.

Authorized Associate- Transworld Educare

David. K.Pillai, the CEO of Transworld Educare and dean of Davao Medical School Foundation as a principal associate. Transworld Educare is the authorized associate of Davao Medical School Foundation.

Facilities at Transworld Educare

Transworld emerges to provide the best training facilities to its students. Transworld provides coaching for NEET, FMGE, and BS pre-med training. The BS pre-med course is conducted for a year, they conduct separate schedules for students who have qualified NEET and for students who have not qualified NEET exam. To study MBBS in Philippines, the BS course is the foundation for the MBBS degree. After passing the BS course students will be sent to the Philippines to complete the MD course in Davao School Medical Foundation.

Transworld Educare has laid the foundation to make medical education more approachable to students.

  • Lecture halls - The classrooms are well equipped to make the sessions very interactive. Every topic will have an insightful dissection by the faculty. These interactive sessions will help the students to grasp the topics easily. With the help of visual equipment, institutions get individual attention.
  • Laboratories - One of the striking features of Transworld Educare is the State-of-art laboratories. David. K. Pillai has been able to retain the success by providing cutting-edge technology within the campus
  • Library - Fully digitized library that is accessible for the students 24/7. There are about 50000 bibliographic records of citation. The study materials and journals are covered from all over the world. The libraries get highly engaging during the time of the exam.
  • Hostel facilities - There are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls within the campus for the students, also it has large and spacious rooms. The rooms can accommodate about 6 people with individual shelves and a study- table. The fully-air conditioned hostel has single occupancy as well based on the requirement of the student.
  • Food - The students are provided with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, there is a cafeteria available within the campus. Apart from this, there are several restaurants available around the campus.

Kings International Medical Academy, Chennai Campus

KIMA is well known for its outstanding results in NEET and FMGE exams. They provide coaching for the pre-medical course, NEET, and FMGE coaching for the students of Davao Medical School Foundation. KIMA has the highest passing percentage at FMGE, it is one of the highly regarded medical academies in India. The faculties excel in conducting one-on-one doubt clearing sessions for students.

The students are provided with quality study material and mock tests are conducted regularly as this helps in identifying the problems by analyzing them over interactive class. For FMGE and NEET exams, KIMA offers subject-wise preparations.

Facilities and Features- Kings International Medical Academy

KIMA being one of the principal associates of Davao Medical School Foundation opens the opportunity for the medical aspirants in the southern state of India. At KIMA students get to complete their BS pre-med course for the initial years of the MBBS course.KIMA stands out for its performance in FMGE.

With the pressure on students and lack of proper guidance, students face many challenges, KIMA helps the students to correct these issues.

The key features of KIMA are:

  • Study Material: High-quality study material is provided for the students with the sample collections of the previous year's question paper, that follows up with the notes and modules of faculty.
  • Experienced Faculties: KIMA has experienced subject experts for the personal evaluation, to clarify doubts, and also provide career counselling for the students.
  • One-on-one interaction: Every student of KIMA is given top priorities, the faculties have one-on-one interaction with the students to have a clear understanding regarding the topics.
  • Doubt clearing session: Separate sessions are conducted to clarify doubts for the students at KIMA
  • Revision on High yield topics: Based on the weightage of the subjects, repeated revision sessions are conducted for the topics that have more weightage
  • Performance Analysis: KIMA analyzes its student’s performances individually. KIMA promises to monitor every student and provide coaching based on their performance.

Davao Medical School Foundation has been recognized as the prestigious organization that upholds its standards for aspiring medical students preferring to study MBBS in Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation in association with the Two Indian Campus-Transworld Educare and Kings International Medical Academy has opened the doors for the students to pass NEET, FMGE, and pre-med courses in India.

Davao Medical School Foundation is continuously growing with its outcome of medical students completing their MBBS course. To enrol now, visit our website or you can call us: 1800 547 3220