What is the value of an overseas MBBS degree in India?

What is the value of an overseas MBBS degree in India?

 Many individuals often question the value of studying medicine abroad. The resounding answer to this query is a definite yes. In fact, studying medicine abroad holds even greater value due to its exceptional quality education, extensive exposure and access to cutting-edge technologies available in foreign countries. Therefore, pursuing medical studies abroad is undeniably worthwhile.

Studying Abroad: Why is it worth it?

1. Increased Availability of Medical Seats: Unlike in India, where the number of applicants for medical seats far exceeds availability, studying abroad offers a higher chance of securing a medical seat. Students can apply to multiple MBBS universities and gain acceptance based on meeting the eligibility criteria and entry requirements.

2. Access to Expert Guidance: One of the notable advantages of studying MBBS abroad is the opportunity to learn from top professionals in the field. These experts provide real-world insights and prepare students to navigate any challenges or situations they may encounter. Their knowledge is tailored to the current requirements of the MBBS industry.

3. Practical Teaching Methods: Another compelling reason to consider the worth of studying MBBS abroad lies in the teaching style employed. While theoretical education remains essential, MBBS institutes abroad in countries like the Philippines, they often adopt a hands-on training approach. This approach equips students with the necessary skills to excel in their future medical roles.

4. Affordability of Tuition Fees: The perception of studying abroad as an expensive endeavour is changing rapidly. The tuition fees vary depending on the chosen country. For example, in the Philippines, the fee is comparatively low than private medical colleges in India and other developed countries.

5. Enhanced Career Opportunities: Upon completing your MBBS studies, you are presented with a wide range of career opportunities, including roles such as MBBS Doctor and Medical Teacher. The salaries offered abroad often surpass what is typically paid in India.

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 Studying MBBS in the Philippines, particularly at Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), offers numerous benefits. Firstly, DMSF provides ample medical seats for aspiring students, easing the competition often faced in other countries. Secondly, the affordable tuition fees make it an attractive option for those seeking quality education without exorbitant costs. Thirdly, completing MBBS in the Philippines opens up a plethora of career opportunities, both locally and internationally, with the prospect of higher salaries. Additionally, DMSF boasts experienced faculty members who impart their expertise and industry-relevant knowledge, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education. Finally, the Philippines' teaching methodology emphasizes practical training, equipping students with essential clinical skills, and preparing them to excel as competent healthcare professionals. Pursuing MBBS at DMSF in the Philippines presents a valuable and rewarding path towards a successful medical career. After completing your course, it is necessary to pass the FMG exam to practice medicine in India. However, there is no need to worry as DMSF provides high-quality education that equips students to successfully clear the exam in a single attempt. With the comprehensive knowledge and skills gained from studying at DMSF, you can confidently approach and overcome the FMG exam, ensuring a smooth transition to practicing medicine in India.