What to study abroad after MBBS?

What to study abroad after MBBS?

While many thrive to do further study abroad after the completion of MBBS, there is hardly any awareness regarding the career opportunities after MBBS study. There are many opportunities for the MBBS graduates to study after MBBS such as PG, MD/MS. With the increasing competition in the field of medicine, MBBS is not the ultimate for the specialization. Since there is a constraint of limited seats in India students prefer to study PG abroad.

With the fast-growing technology, the medical aspirants have to acquire extra efforts for the up-gradation of knowledge. Here is the brief of what to study after MBBS

What to study abroad after MBBS?

Medical professionals are associated with respect, it is because of the demand created by the medical field. It takes excessive effort to study MBBS but the present world has more requirements. While there are many career opportunities to do after MBBS study, doing Post-graduation is one of the best career options. There are more challenging situations to do Post graduation after MBBS study.

For the medical aspirants, NEET-UG was mandatory to study MBBS in India as well as in abroad countries. But, NEET-PG is not mandatory to study PG abroad.

PG course to opt after MBBS study

Do students tend to get confused about what to study after MBBS? There are ample options to begin their career. It is a dilemmatic state, as the field is diverse and quite complex. There are wide options to choose from, and below is the list of courses to study PG abroad.

MS-degree courses are:

  • MS in ENT
  • MS in urology
  • MS in obstetrics
  • MS in cardiothoracic surgery
  • MS in gynaecology
  • MS in orthopaedics
  • MS in plastic surgery
  • MS in urology
  • MS in Cardiac surgery
  • MS in pediatric surgery

MD Courses

  • MD in Anesthesia
  • MD in Geriatrics
  • MD in ENT
  • MD in General Surgery
  • MD in orthopaedics
  • MD in ophthalmology
  • MD in dermatology
  • MD in Anatomy
  • MD in biochemistry
  • MD in Aerospace medicine
  • MD in Forensic medicine

Medical PG abroad

For the medical aspirants wishing to pursue a medical PG course abroad, MBBS is just the beginning, while you may get a job to start but in the present world just a degree is not much of value, it requires specializations in certain fields. The demand for specialized medical professionals is more when compared to general physicians. Doing PG may not be a compulsion, sooner it will turn to necessity and quite a few students prefer to study PG abroad.

Medical PG in India

For the medical professional in India, to study PG comes with a dilemma as it is quite difficult in India. The limited number of seats is one of the biggest constraints for the students in India, also going through the NEET exam is quite a difficult task. With the increasing number of students studying MBBS, there is an increase in the number of students studying PG courses.

In a few cases, many of the students prefer to do their specialization in a certain field but due to the constraint of seat availability, they shall have to compromise. The fees structure in private colleges comes with a huge cost which is not affordable. The government seats for the medical PG course are fewer, thereby students tend to study PG abroad.

The top countries to study medical PG abroad are the USA, Philippines, China, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Medical PG in the Philippines

The Philippines follows the US system for Medical Education and thereby it is called the Medical Residency Training Program. They offer the best clinical training with great infrastructure. The medical aspirants can enter into the field of specialization such as follows:

Medical PG course Duration of the course
Internal Medicine 3 years
Paediatrics 3 years
Anaesthesia 3 years
Radiology 4 years
Dermatology 3 years
General Surgery 4 years
Emergency Medicine 4 years
Urology 5 years
Neuro Surgery 6 years
Psychiatry 4 years
Neurology 3 years
Cardiology 2 years
ENT 5 years
Ophthalmology 3 years
Pathology 4 years
Colorectal Surgery 5 years
Pediatric Surgery 5 years
Obstetrics and Gynecology 4 years

Why choose the Philippines to study Medical PG?

  • They follow the pattern of the American Education system for medical education.
  • They are the second-largest producer of physicians.
  • The Philippines is the first largest producer of nurses to Canada, the USA, etc.
  • They are the 3rd largest English speaking countries in the world
  • The cost of education is very affordable in the Philippines.
  • Hospitals in the Philippines have better clinical exposure
  • They are updated in technology with advanced instruments and machines.
  • Eligible to take USMLE, as the students can fly to the USA from the Philippines.

Now, Let's have a look at one of the best choices to study PG abroad

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) focuses to develop the knowledge, potential, and skills with a combination of medical, nursing, dental, and midwifery by equipping the students with training for private and public sectors. The courses offered at DMSF are provided below:

  • Master in Community Health (MCH)
  • Master in Health Professions Education (MHPEd)
  • Master in Participatory Development (MPD)

Master in Community Health (MCH) at DMSF

MCH is an innovative program conducted for two years, it is designed for PG physicians, nurses, or any other health-related degree holder. The program helps to identify the health needs of patients. They help to plan, monitor, and evaluate health care programs.

Master in Health Professions Education (MHPEd) at DMSF

PHP helps to provide quality health professionals to understand the educational practice. To find ways for evaluating students' learning and enabling participants to understand the administrative functions as well.

Master in Participatory Development (MPD) at DMSF

By the end of this course, students will be able to demonstrate an integrative skill for situational analysis. To perform leadership roles and many other development concerns.

The percentage of students looking to study PG abroad post the completion of MBBS study is increasing day by day. Also with the limitation of seats and fee structure students are seeking admissions to study Medical PG abroad.

The Philippines is the leading destination to study PG. They are the topmost ranked for the English Medium destination making it convenient for Indian students. DMSF is one of the esteemed universities in the Philippines, known for its quality education. It is the best choice for students from India for further study abroad.