Who Can Apply for MBBS without NEET in Abroad?

Who Can Apply for MBBS without NEET in Abroad?

 Indian government has made it mandatory for students to clear the NEET exam if they wish to pursue MBBS studies abroad. While it is possible to pursue an MBBS program overseas without taking the NEET exam, graduates who choose this option will not be eligible to practice MBBS in India. However, in order to be eligible for the exam, students must meet certain criteria. They must be Indian citizens, have passed their 10+2 examination with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects and have a minimum aggregate of 50% in the 10+2 examination.

Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad Without NEET

 There are several advantages for students who choose to study MBBS abroad without the need to take the NEET exam.

1. It spares them the time, money and stress associated with preparing for and taking the exam.

2. Students can access world-class medical institutions and professors, which can provide them with the best education and training available. Pursuing an international medical education can be an incredible opportunity for students to develop their skills and knowledge beyond what is available domestically.

3. Studying MBBS abroad without NEET also provides students with valuable international experience, which can be particularly valuable for those seeking a career in the medical field. This experience can open up many opportunities for students and help them stand out in the competitive medical industry.

How to apply for an MBBS admission abroad without NEET?

 To apply for an MBBS admission abroad without NEET, students must first fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier. After meeting the requirements, they can then apply for the program through the official websites of the medical colleges or universities they are interested in.

 The application process usually involves submitting the required documents, including academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores and a personal statement. These documents will then be assessed, and if the student meets the criteria, they will be offered admission.

 Once the student has been granted admission, they will need to pay the tuition fees and other expenses related to studying abroad. Subsequently, they will be required to apply for a student visa. After obtaining the visa, they can begin their studies in the respective medical college or university.


 To be eligible for studying MBBS abroad without NEET, aspiring students need to meet specific requirements, including:

  • Being an Indian citizen
  • Passing 10+2 examination with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects
  • Having a minimum aggregate of 50% in the 10+2 examination
  • Possessing a valid passport
  • Holding a valid student visa

 It is essential to conduct research on the eligibility criteria of the country they wish to apply for, as some nations may have additional requirements.

Davao Medical School Foundation:

 While there are many advantages to studying MBBS abroad without NEET, many Indian students still choose to practice medicine in India. However, for those interested in pursuing an MBBS degree in the Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation welcomes Indian students to apply for admission. Admissions for the upcoming academic year are currently open and interested students can apply now. Best of luck!